Active, but auto kick warning

I am being active every day for few hours, farming egg tokens, atlas mines and doing event stuff, but for the past 2 days I keep getting ‘you are inactive’ warning, and today I got ‘if you dont log in, you will be kicked’. I really dont want this kind of trouble and already informed my Leader, but I wonder if even support is able to do something about these notifications or kick itself?

Anyone else heard of it or had the similar issue? I see 2 topics about it back from December and October but no PG answer or anything.

I’ve had this problem. Have you tried checking your activity? Maybe you just play less than you think :woman_shrugging:

It shows ‘active’, sometimes ‘very active’. I do 3 runs of poachers/mines with all my active dragons (7 atm), as well as all token missions and so on. Also war if there is any, for pvp events always doing 16 energy as soon as they reset, breeding not much to do after im done with it but yeah, I dont think its enough to auto kick me :o

Do you talk in team chat? This is the most recent activity post from PGDave, but it’d suggest that you shouldn’t be inactive. My small account maintains active status from some multi runs, assists, and minor chatting - usually one login a day and longer sessions during wars.

You can also try contacting in-game support to see if there’s anything wrong with the account, I suppose, but they have a stock reply for activity inquiries :see_no_evil: Make sure to include a screenshot of the active status + activity warning mail.

I would contact support. I had a false “low activity” notification on my device when I showed Very Active in my team roster. The notification also told me to check my mail for “tip” but my mail did not have anything. This leads me to believe there is a glitch in the system. I reported it to Support. It took a couple responses for them to understand I was trying to report a bug.

They just apologize for the error in notifications. The more people who report it, the more likely they’ll take a serious look at it.

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