Active Defense...Guides?


I was just thinking about how bases can be so hard to defend without knowing what’s the best island the base has.

Many people have leftover turrets or flaks lying around the base and since we can’t see the levels of the towers on the base, we often need to guess. Of course the easiest solution would be to not have those kind of bases or check out everybody’s bases in the team you’re in but…That doesn’t seem all that efficient to be done either.

I feel like suggestions about this have been made before. I feel like automatically seeing a base’s towers’ levels during defending would be great.

Another idea that I had was for there to be an option for each individual player to mark their strongest island. A mark which would be only visible during defending, for the defenders.
Or maybe many marks? Like marking specific towers for the defenders to know which towers would be good to make super shot.


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