Active noob looking for a home


Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a team that preferably uses 3rd party chat applications (Line or Discord) and that is willing to teach the ropes to a beginner like me.

I would understand if the invitation only comes in after the war.

See you in game.


Wouldn’t recommend calling yourself a noob while trying to get a team. Or not even posting your level and dragon tier.


A noob is what I am. Stating otherwise would simply be lying.

As for my level it can increase dramatically real quick given a few boosts on building up defenses.
Level 17. Got Arborius so starting breeding blue tier dragons.


@ManilaDjo we use line to communicate and strategize. apply in game to DragonDivision. or message me @GenoTheGreat
heres the link to my team chat


You can join our training team, TheGamers3 (Gold 3). After you are high enough, we can move you to our advanced team, Thegamers2 (Platinum 3). We have the Line app. I hope to see you in TheGamers3!



Sent you invite :slight_smile: nothing wrong with admitting you are noob,

i was lvl 18 when joined platinum- and on it went :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody for all the propositions. I am considering all of them and will make a decision within the day.


You can come to eridonminions. Message me ign morgana4419


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