Active player looking for a good home

Hi WD world.

I’m coming off a P1 - P2 team who were great to fly with except for time zone and officer coverage during my most active hours. Those are mostly between UTC 0700-1400. An English speaking team would be ideal though not essential. I can speak a little German and decipher enough French, Italian and Spanish with Google help to get by.

I’m very active in both, the regular game as well as atlas and almost always have a top 10 finish in my team. I have never missed a war and am a pretty handy defender. By this breeding event if I find a home I will hatch my first obsidian.

Basically looking for a chilled out friendly bunch who take the game seriously. Ideally S3 though +/- one is also acceptable.

Any takers?

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VendexEmpire looking for active players

Sapphire 2

Sent you a PM. :slight_smile:

Check out PaddyDragon as well

If none of those guys work out, try ValiantLegends. (P1)

TemplarsofRuin looking for active players.

Message me LadyJeatta in ShaHappens

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