Active player looking for team that will help me grow!

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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – 104 GoddessArtemisGold I to any


Language: English and some French
Time Zone: East Coast Time
Played time: A lot
Age Range: adult
Elite Account?: no
Dragon Roster Includes: Gold tier and start of plat
Highest Lineage Dragon: Cerbero

About: Hey all, I am a very active player with officer and leadership experience. I know how to pull my own weight and contribute to the team. Having leadership experience, I have accessed and used Discord and Instagram.
My atlas experience is minimal, but I have gold and know how to navigate some of it. I am a fast learner, so teaching me isn’t going to be a big thing.
Just really looking for an active/very active team that can help me level up and grow faster. Preferably a chatty and one, as I have questions (dead chats are annoying) and someone with atlas access. Looking to switch after Kingdom Wars and before fortification.


XxGoldScalesxX is currently recruiting, we are a very chatty friendly team and we do well In All events, our team thrives on helping each other .
Your welcome to check is out …
happy flying
Zella .

Ghosteam has some spot opened :blush:


Come join us: Pyromancers

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WeLive4War, P4 Pirate team. Top 3 in all events, only rule is score in events, message Daedalus if interested.


WhiteNoise7 is also recruiting. We hit 6/8 team prize regularly, sometimes 7/8. Quest level stays over 8. Super chatty and family friendly team. We are just banging this Kingdom wars that we do most of the time. League - G1. No atlas for now.
We have 1 spot maybe 2 open.
Message me in game. :hugs::blush:

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Dragendestroue is the only team I remember that uses Discord and has atlas. Might consider pm-ing QueenEllea, tell her I said hi :slight_smile:

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DevilsMischief is the team you need.

We need you too.

Platinum 4 with atlas we punch above our weight in events.

Message our lovely boss lady.

Tell her Marcus sent you :+1:

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Good luck :grin:

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RunningNaked is looking for a few more at the end of this event. We are a chill team in G1/P4. Wars/events/quests are required and we get 5-6/8 every event. Atlas is optional. We have a few very knowledgeable players with alts on higher level teams and this team is a nice place to learn, grow, and make new friends.

Please apply + send me a message and I’ll push the applicaiton through.

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Hi, Ashes2Stone is recruiting after kingdom wars ends. We are a friendly supportive platinum team with a mixture of very experienced players and some who need nurturing. We all make good use of atlas as the benefits are massive. Message me in-game if you’d like any more info :slight_smile:

To add to the post…Pyromancers are Platinum 4 team with atlas. We looking for active players. Participation in Wars/events/quests are required.
Very respectful with one another and of other teams.


@moderators please close thread I found a team