Activity benefit in events


Since the introduction of the megacoin and the removal of the benefit of attacking a lot in events I find myself being far less active in the PVP events. It seems slightly unbalanced to not allow those of us who are lower level spenders, or grind away not to receive some advantage from attacking many times spending energy packs to do so. is there any intention to reintroduce this feature?

Note I am not against megacoins per se just suggesting that multiple methods to gain benefit regardless of playing style or willingness/capability to spend real world money might stand against the critical who argue PG are far more interested in short term financial gain rather than managing the broader playing community organically over time


The removal of the bonus meter and addition of megacoins made getting prizes much harder for people unable to use megacoins repeatedly. The prizes weren’t worth the huge effort you’d put in to get them. Energy costs were increased if I’m not mistaken. It became such a grind that I found myself not trying hard. I dread PvP events because it’s so demoralising. If you’re going to keep megacoins PG then at least give the rest of us a fighting chance.


If i remember correctly a lot of People disliked the Bonus meter cause some Peeps used their energy for example and pushed the Bonus meter only to start into PvP events like Team Gauntlet into PvP with max %.

I liked the bonus meter aswell but the 450 sigils are with the same time and activity to claim as it was before. Just the 500 or 600 sigils arent possible to claim without spending.
Prices for EnergyPacks are the same as they were in the past.
iirc last season was a discount in 1 or 2 pvp events so the 1st 100Energy cost was at 10 Packs and all others max. 20 Packs. No one complained that spenders had to spend less then they have to do yet


I would like to see the math behind hitting each prize tier using free energy and then the required amount to hit at least the 450 sigil prize. In other words is it achievable.


For example i farm about 80-100 bronze chests easy a day ( bonus meter needs higher activity and GamePlay aswell ) and open them. Usally i get some EnergyPacks and IF out of them and spend them into the Event. U also get free energyPacks and IF out of rewards.
Im going always for 450 Sigils and it costs me max. 30 energy packs more then i get back


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