Activity Level: Changes & Discussion


EDIT by PGDave: Activity has been updated on Oct-18. Read more here.

Hi all,

I have a question about the new Activity Levels, how they’re calculated, and what affects them.

Before the change (I’m not familiar with the specifics so I’m not clear how it changed, just that it did), my main account and alt were logged in dailiy, usually multiple times, active in chats, and flying around being dragony.

After the change, I noticed it was more difficult to stay active, but didn’t know what I could do to remedy the situation because I didn’t know what actions would affect the outcome. But, I was able to stay in active mode.

When I started a new team, my main and alt were on for many hours and I was extremely active, yet neither of my accounts (both elite accounts) went into Very Active. Again, I didn’t know what I could possibly do to move into Very Active, and didn’t think about factors outside of my actions in-game.

During this past event, my alt got a low activity notice during the night after an active day of multiple logins and numerous flights, active chatting, etc. My alt came in third in this event, and still remains in Low Activity status. I don’t know what more I could possibly do, and I’m wondering if there’s someone who can shed some light on this. It is very frustrating, and frankly very disheartening.

The only variable I’ve been able to come up with is that two members of my team who buy packs on a fairly regular basis are frequently in Very Active status, and while I don’t want to think that I’d have to spend money beyond what I already do on a monthly basis just to get out of Low Activity status, it seems to be the only explanation that makes any sense.

I’m hoping another explanation will be offered, one that I can work with, because I can’t afford to spend more than $10/month on this wonderful game just to get myself out of Low Activity while working furiously and being extremely active in the game to try to combat this level that affects the whole team.


Guild Activity number broken

Event Attacks don’t count towards your activity. So activity mainly drops in during PVP events :eyes: @Morphicus


First of all, great name!

Second, you just gave me an aha! moment, because during this last event, I was jumping in, cranking out the hits, sometimes backing players, etc. defending, but then jumping back out again, because, yaknow, life and stuff.

I would still love to know the algorithm/information that determines the new level requirements, partly because I find it interesting, and partly because knowledge really is power and frustration is usually due to lack of knowledge—and, therefore, lack of power.

Thanks, Mr. Morningstar :+1:t4:


THey want people to Ben more social and less anti social so chat help. Remember this is a team based game not clash of clans. So being more active in chat along with getting online.


Thanks Nann! I’m a very chatty officer and team member, maybe too chatty for some! lol - I have several groups in which I’m very active, so chats (and very fast keyboarding!) are no issue for me.

Great advice for newer, less experienced players who may stumble upon this thread, though.


It is based on your chat, assist, attack, defense and time inside the game. If you do all 5, you will become very active in a short time.

forgot the defense as part of the activity increase


Thanks @Kenshikiqwe I’ve been doing all of the above on that account for appoximately 3-4 hours per day for the past 4 days to attempt to pull out of what was a very brief dip into low activity, but has proven impossible to pull out of. I was very active with everything you mention before the dip. Maybe my account is encountering a glitch that’s causing it to fall into Low Activity.

Even though I already had that information, and am looking for information beyond that from PG, I’m sure your post will help some new member just starting out in the game. Thanks for posting it.


PG has never fully stated what influences activity to the exact numbers, but It is:

TEAM chat (not lc)
Number of sessions logged in
Amount of time logged in
Attacks led

Event attacks do not contribute in any way.


Great breakdown @TheRedDelilah thanks. My curiosity still wants to see the meat of the matter, i.e. the algorithms, but this is something I can take to my team. Nice and neat, just like all your other stellar work. Thank you. :hugs:


That depends on your account’s behavior if you suddenly went on vacation for 4 days then you will have to be active for like 6-9 days. It was hard for me to become active when i went offline for quite awhile, but now, going from low to active is easy and i am only doing a few attacks a day. System might have detected that i am somewhat active from time to time so it is giving me some high scores for those categories.

Just be online until the system recognizes your activity and you can go to very active once you go active status from inactive.

Its like this

Attack score 40/100 then you went inactive for 4 days, it will become 0/100. Every attack only gives 1 point or lower but once it detects your frquent activity, the points given goes up. From 1 point to something like 3 up to 5. The decrease also become lower the more active you are, but once it detects inactivity, it will go down by 2 then 4 until like 10 per day.

But that is my view for it. Think of it something like lifting weights, it is hard at first but then you can do it easily, but if you stop doing it for a lomg time, it will become hard again.

Of course the actual algorithm is different and we dont know whats the actual calculation but we can think of it like that if you understand what i am trying to say


You make perfect sense @Kenshikiqwe - that’s why I’m wondering more and more if it’s a glitch with my account (and a few others on my team experiencing the same thing). I haven’t gone a day without logging into that account, running multis, backing multis, defending, chatting, etc. for… well, at least 4-5 months, if ever. That’s why I was so surprised and shocked to see that overnight low activity notification.

I’d submit a ticket, but I don’t really think it’s important enough to do so, and I don’t think there will be an easy answer.

Thanks for the input.


You can explain to your team that you are receiving low activity but reassure them that you are active. Try to leave a message under team chat that you are online and then say goodbye when you are going offline. At least they know you are there.


Hey stop reading my mind lol - luckily it’s just my alt in low activity, and I generally let my team know that (especially when we take on a new player who’s inactive, which doesn’t happen often) we understand it takes a while to pull out of low and inactive these days, and communication is all it takes. I’ve updated everyone with Red’s list (thanks again Red), so that should help them as well.

If recruiting activity were factored in to activity level, I’d be busting the ceiling off of Very Active. I’d be H*lla Active! :joy:


I’ve been having issues too. It will say I’m very active at night. And active during the day. For both me and my alt accounts!! This has been goin on now for several weeks!!! Actually one week it finally did stay on very active on both but now it’s back to the switch on day/night! And I am very active on both accounts. Had over 1million medals last week!


I was also told by support when I messaged them regarding this that a person who’s logged in all day long verses a person who logs out and back in several times a day that the person logging out and back in more times would be considered more active than the one logged in all day. And also I’m very active in chat!! Probably toooo active!! :rofl: Sorry TG!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s 4 :stuck_out_tongue:


I was lead to believe that sending resources also boosts your activity.


Ok so the question is what did PG change In the last update to activity status’s to be negatively effected? I have almost been very active play close to 8hrs a day and now I’m at just ACTIVE… I attack, defend, chat (both LC& TC), donate rss, and back teammates… @PGJared @PGDave

This is negatively affecting teams and probably be reverted back to the old way or close


Something’s definitely changed, I’ve dropped to Active for the first time in months, we now only have a few Very Active people and I’m on as much as they are, send RSS, join attacks, defend, chat in TC, send mail, chat in LC (I’m actually one of the only ones who do) and my status won’t budge.


@Tiare those very active players buying packs/spending money beyond beyond elite subscriptions? That’s the variable I’m coming up against in trying to determine what’s changed, and this was before the last update by at least a month. Sorry for any typos, typing blind on phone can’t see anything and banner/menu bar covers preview area.