Actual purpose or just to be an @ss?


People traveling and hitting random primes that just have 1 troop in NML and no one else is around… what is the deal with this? You get zero glory from it so is there any other reason other than to just be an ass and force that prime to have to respawn?

Im not talking about someone with a trapper that’s trapping another prime, just a random prime out in NML that’s clearly farming shards/gold. I’ve seen both lv 100s and lv 400s doing it and all I can come up with is they do it to be a jackass. Kind of feels like there should be an actual penalty for it


I was farming shards with 1 troop on in nml the other day and some guy killed my Destroyer for the heck of it. He was a higher player, and had 1 troops so not sure what the whole point was except I had to summon the dang Destroyer again. It really is more annoying then anything.


I would go kill 1 troop prims to satisfy the “Wipe Out Primarch” quests.


I even had people doing it to me between seasons!

The only reasons I can think of:

  1. They’re dumb

  2. They’re an ass

  3. They are trying to complete the quest to kill 2 Primarchs and want to do it without losing troops.


I mean if its between seasons why waste any more troops than you have to for the quest. 500 diamonds are 500 diamonds…


Who knows.

I know often people think they have troops but don’t pay attention.

They may also just want to test your base without risk.

Could be they wanted to wage a psychological war. I mean if you are out getting shards and it annoys you enough to post about it, perhaps it’s working?


Hasnt happened to me, I dont bother going to NML unless I want glory. I just see banners for people hitting teammates with 1 troop or just see it happen while out looking for targets and you see a lv 300 go hit a lv 120 who has 1 troop. Seems like either a waste of time or you’re actively trying to be an ass but either way I feel like there should be some sort of penalty for it

I’ve just been wondering if there was some reason I was missing other than the obvious one


I think it’s for the same reason you see level 300s attacking level 90s. They don’t know what they’re doing. Or they’re trying to do the wipe out primarchs quest.


Or they are just so bad they have no hope for 100% glory so they hit low levels.


This is Atlas. People can hit you just to make you waste time/speedups/money. So they do. For fun.

Welcome aboard.


put 500 troop on and defend so they lose 5000 for being stupid :joy:


You think there should be a penalty against someone for killing a prim? Yea that totally makes sense for someone trying to farm in hostile territory with no risk. How about making it that you can’t hit nml beast without 10k troops

Just resuming and go on. Just like that person is trying to no risk get shards the other is trying no risk prim kill quest.

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