Actual time that map will open up?


I’ve been hunting around but I don’t see anywhere that gives an actual time when the map will open up for us newbs to start our march to chaos. Has there been an official time stated? Or is it “when it’s ready”?




There have been a few issues of players getting stuck in the tutorial, so we are waiting just a bit longer before opening up PVP. What will happen is we will turn off Atlas access before we open up PVP, and announce with some forewarning when the approximate time it will re-open.


OK. Thanks for the heads up, pgEcho. Is it still looking like today or more likely tomorrow at this point?



Won’t happen today.


Appreciate the information, but it would really have been nice to have had this communicated earlier.


@pgEcho I’m going to be in SF this week for the Atlas Launch Party! I noticed it said Friday but with your timetable I figured if I show up today I would be right on time! Where is everyone?!?


We are on Alcatraz. Swim on over.


With the accuracy I have seen…I’m definitely on my way over to Menlo Park.


As they frequently state that they are unable to give times/dates for events(which they have ran hundreds of times and still typically have issues with), I wonder what made them think a release of this size had ANY chance of happening on time. Why even bother with trying to pretend like it would be met at this point?


@pgEcho @PGDave quick question… any plans to open new map for new teams (teams new to atlas) only as an initial step to allow them a chance to get settled… existing teams have players with hundreds of thousands of troops, and will simply wipe out these new teams. The result would most likely equate to many players getting a horrible first impression of Atlas and being discouraged from even wanting to further participate… established teams have had months to build troops and learn the intricacies of the game… they have their old maps which they can continue to use and fight… give the new teams a period of time to get established before throwing us to the wolves please.


Dont be too auick to think all the original teams are just gonna come over and wipe out the new teams. They have spent a lot of time building their armies. They arent goung to just come over and wadte a bunch of troops fighting teams with little troops. The glory points just arent worth it.


After examining how many players were locked out of tutorial combine with wanting players to be able to focus on and enjoy the first iteration of The Fight Pits this week… we have decided to hold off on releasing the new PVP areas in Atlas until next week. Will give another update next week, but will target Tuesday of next week after the event has ended.

The day we release the new PVP regions we will take down atlas access in the hours before the update and when it re-opens all new areas will be made available.


So, next Tuesday the 7th or the following Tuesday after the event ends which would be the 14th…


Oh good lord. Thanks for the info I guess.


Next Tuesday, the 7th.


@pgEcho How accurate is this though…


Per PG accuracy, we should add +/- 7d :smiley:. Jokes aside, I’m looking forward to this expansion :hugs:


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