Adaptive Flak Resist

I newly recognized that Anja’s flak resists do not work on Galgrim. Does anyone know that riders flak resists work with Adaptive Flak Resist of dragons, or not


It only work when the flak resist is the same with the one dragon has.
In the case of adaptive flak resist, if you have increased flak resist from rider let’s say for fire flak, you have to turn the adaptive resistance to fire flak resist to get the bonus


So you mean it’s not important rider’s info which says do not apply. Thanks

When you’re not in battle then Galg doesnt have any resists and thus the rider buffs reflect that. It has a white spell. When you enter battle that white spell turns into resists and that is when buffs get applied once you cycle onto the appropriate resist


I would love to get an official answer to this. As a rider on a dragon with resists will not be grayed out.
Not doubting that adaptive resists work differently than a regular resist, just wanting clarification from the Team.