Adaptive resist

i am looking for an explanation of adaptive resist and what the various spell symbols mean. Is the resist a passive feature? By that I mean if you cycle through and have the storm or lightening symbol can you then leave it there and it will automatically resist those towers? Or do you have to actively hit the button and target a specific tower for it to work? And the spell symbols are not familiar either.


The symbols are Lightning, Dark Flak and Fire Turret. The displayed symbol reflects the resistance that is active now. Feature is passive.


Thank you!

Actually I also have a question: once you hit the spell, it goes grey-ish and goes in a circle (its the cooldown until you could cast it again). During this time is the shown resistance actually working too?

Basically, let’s say a fireball from a Fire Turret is midair and I quickly switch to fire turret resist, is the resist effective immediately or not until after the cooldown?

As far as I know it’s active immediately, but you can’t change it before the cooldown is over, in case you aim to get the next one.


Good to know, thanks!

You also gain a small bit of rage back each time you cycle to a different resist as well.

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0.25 rage, is that correct?

.5 rage 2 second cd


The rage adds up quick once you get a feel for using it on cool down.

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