Add a moving beacon to the war icon, like the one the event icon has

Add something like this :point_up:to that :point_down:

I think the war icon needs a beacon, or flag, pointer, etc… similar to the event icon that’s says something like “your team needs you!”

So someone who hasn’t completed all war attacks with 5 flames would see this banner, once they’ve completely finished it goes away.

Anyone have any thoughts on this subject?


You can use @group for the first one and just coordinate in chat when you need help with a target.

Edit: You can use @officers to ping only the leader/officers. Include a useful message in it!

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I’m thinking more along the lines of getting new players to participate

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Off-topic, I know but TIL @group is a thing in WD. Thanks for sharing!

The problem with @group is if they don’t have chat mentions on, you might as well just start screaming their name out loud, it’ll do as much good.


Chat and war notifications are a must on my team.

When you ask for help in a war attack, a banner/pop-up/beacon does come up to join a war attack. With the new update they finally let you see if it is a war attack or defend which is really nice! To get the pop-up the player just needs to click the invite teammates button just like you do in event attacks and normal attacks.

Coordinating in TC is helpful. Having notifications on is very helpful. If you don’t have people on who can help you, maybe switch teams? I have openings in my team lol. :innocent:

Geez starting to see that no one reads just starts replying.

I’m a team leader, talking about improvements to the game…

We can all read the invisible ink in your first post where it states that you’re a team leader…


@forScience I see Red’s rubbing off on ya! :wink:


If no one is responding correctly, maybe you didn’t word your post correctly. Improvements to the game are great, but you need to make sure we can understand what you are talking about.

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I thought it was kinda plainly written, just a freaking beacon pointing to the war icon similar to the event so it’s plain to noobs to do the wars…

With a button in there to request help for a specific base, like when you need more Rss and ask your team for more…

…do you mean an arrow pointing out that there’s a war?

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ah you mean a flag like the one for events?

Yes then I support this idea :+1:


Look at your base, see the orange arrow pointing at events?

Do that for the wars.

This :point_up: for that :point_down:


Now your post makes more sense, thank you. Next time please elaborate, word differently, or add picture like you did after my post instead of saying no one reads. :+1:t3:

I too support this idea. They change the color of the war icon when you need to attack in war, and they have a count down to the start and the time left (wish we could tell which time they are referring too without having to click the war icon.).

Having a more obvious banner pointing at the war icon would be helpful in getting more players attention. I think it should go away after you finish all your wars. I’ve had players attack in one war and miss the others for that day which is annoying. :persevere:


That is another important issue, sometimes there’s more wars than what can fit in the screen, anything more than three wars and an unseasoned player will miss the others.

It’s almost like PG wants us to fail at wars but succeed in events… Maybe it’s just for the money :joy:


Tagging @pgmichael and @arelyna for the QoL suggestion.

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One thing I would like to see is having that banner thingy stick around until ALL wars had been 5 flamed. It is the most frustrating thing to have a player do one war, but not the others :woman_facepalming:

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