Add an Extra Builder

PG how about adding an Extra Builder in the game? Suggestion add to building packs, hire extra builder for a set amount of time.
Profitable for PG and an addition to further advance game play.

For those oft occurrences when you’re running out the clock on storage, den and incubator simultaneously after fort? Doesn’t strike me as something that would be used much. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt, except that I’d rather the development time go toward fixing game mechanics that are broken.

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I think it would be useful, especially for those that run out of timers during the fortification event. Putting it in purchasing packs should not affect the game mechanics and it is far better than PG asking 10,000 rubies as they did for resetting dragon rider skills.
That is Extremely out of range for most players.

I can’t see any real use for this either, anyone building their base properly is only upgrading critical towers that can’t be left upgrading for a month or more, so this would have to be extremely cheap to be even worth considering. I think it would cost a lot of development time for a very small fringe benefit. Better to just spend your rubies on timers or gold chests.


Are you asking for a third builder? Because otherwise this exists and it’s called elite.

What’s wrong with today’s solution of buying the timers and finishing one building?

so you want 3 buildings going at the same time? what is the point? you use timer to expedite the process anyways. Adding another builder wont speed up whatever towers you are upgrading anyways.

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Wouldn’t having 3 builders be a bit over the top (assuming you have the elite account) isn’t the one builder good enough or the two builders (elite) fine as is at the moment?

Other games have stuff like this, and I see the appeal. But this is exactly what Elite offers. Granted, storage taking like 1,000 years (yes that’s hyperbole) seems broken but that’s an issue for another thread.

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