Add an option to disable water dragon

Water dragon starts out as worthless at low levels, and just gets worse. Please add an option that prevents it from ever appearing in my inventory.

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Just run it twice every now and then or ignore it. Really not that hard. There are more than enough real issues to work on instead…


Or for bigger level players there should be a powerful dragon, which they can use.

Messing with the water dragon apparently can cause some pretty big issues for the game. They dont need to do this. Just ignore it and you’ll have the same feature. Throw it away twice on MsMersy


If you search the forums, you will find this has been asked a lot and while I don’t think it’s in the top 10 list of things that need action, you will discover that pg tried to remove the water dragon in the past and due to some legacy core code, removing the dragon currently breaks the game and so it’s something pg doesn’t plan to touch anytime soon.


they should make it namaka again.

:man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:Someone close this thread it’s painful lol


How about an actual reward, rather than just a recurring pain in the ass, cured by MsMersey twice. It’s supposed to be a reward. How about bronze chests, and/or a fully levelled seasonal mythic dragon, for players to test.

Any changes to ryu will create glitches lol
So does anyone else hear that skipping record? :man_facepalming:

Got it, thanks. The glitch argument doesn’t exactly put their development team in the best of light, and I’m not sure I 100% buy the explanation, but am perfectly willing to believe it has come up before. I guess I should have searched …

Glitch. Sure. Just implement this

void OnAfterDefenseddefensed(defensed: Defense) {
if (defensed.successfullAttempts>1)

If (player.level>150) waterdragon.defenses = 0;

I never get the water dragon. Not that I’m complaining, but not sure what I did to stop it visiting me

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Water dragon is rewarded for defending green banners only so since you more than likely have started focusing on blue ones you see ryu less :facepunch:


I thought that might be it. I don’t ever defend green banners. Easy, we solved the problem.

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What I do is save it for a pvp event and you have a dragon that you can use an inner fire on.

i actually realized based on a comment above that it may be handy to keep in inventory so I’ll never be prevented from joining an attack because “all my dragons are healing”.

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Make it so every time you hit that 20 dragons killed mark, you get to test fly one of those seasonal mythics twice :sunglasses:

Search this topic you will find your answer and can a mod please close this before it gets going again for the ten thousandth time lol

While a solid suggestion the water dragon is untouchable at this point per pg :+1:

This thread is silly… if you don’t like the water dragon just don’t use it. Personally I like it as it saves me from getting that annoying “all your dragons are healing” message or whatever it says. Nothing worse than missing a banner because you have no healed dragons… water dragon fixes this.

Also this topic is old and this thread should really be closed.