Add Breeding Paths as a tab to the Breeding Castle. Brainstorming Ideas

So most of us use a breeding path. Either one of the well know one, one that was specially made for us, a less well known path, etc. Whatever the case, I think it would be nice to have the breeding guides available threw the breeding castle. PG has a few guides on its WD website (although they look outdated), so they are ok with sharing them.

I know some people may consider this a quality of life issue, and not care about it much. If that’s the case, just don’t hit any like buttons lol. I realize that creating my idea (especially one part of it) may be hard to program. However, regardless of how important this may be for certainty people or how hard the programming may be, I think it’s a nice idea. :woman_shrugging:t3:

I don’t have the tools to make a visual of my idea, so I’ll try to describe it.

Visual description options for showing the different paths

  • I’m thinking they could make it look like research or how they used to do seasonal dragon lines.
    • So each line is a different breeding path.
    • To see more breeding paths, you scroll down (or to the side).
  • Under the Breeding Path tab, you can have a menu on the side where you click the breeding path you want to see. This method may make it harder to compare the different paths.

Visual description within each path

  • Make the breeding path look like a family tree,
  • It will have branches to show which parents you need.
  • Those branches will also show if a dragon needs to get to breedable in order to obtain a new dragon because it will either end without showing any lines coming out of it or it will have a line coming out that leads to another dragon or multiple dragons.
  • Dragons would be grouped by color like in research.
  • Visual indicators about dragons, so it is easy to see in one place where you are breeding wise:
    • Dragons you have breedable would be marked a certain way.
    • Dragons that are hatched but not breedable would have a different marking.
    • Dragons where you have an egg ready to incubate would have an egg icon on it.
    • Dragons eggs that have some fragment can show their percentage of completion.
    • Dragons that’s are ready to be breed with also have a unique marking.
  • When you click on a dragon, their description with either show up on part of the screen like in research, the whole screen like in the breeding castle, or a pop up like for seasonally dragons. I think I might prefer having the description just on the side like how research is done.

Why I think this would be a good way to visualize the breeding paths

You can compare which dragons are in each path on the same screen. It would also show which dragons you already have for each path. This would be helpful for initially picking a path or if you decided to change paths. I think it would be an easy and fast way to see where you are in your chosen path.

The part I thought would be difficult to program

Allowing us to construct our own breeding path that’s is saved in our breeding castle. This would be used for the specially made paths, lesser known paths, or trying to create your own.

This ability may be helpful if PG decides to change up the breeding combos again.

Options for how to get the different guides in the game

  • People can submit their breeding paths to the forums under guides. If PG likes it or it gets enough likes, PG can add it to the Breeding Path tab.
  • People can choose to “publish” their paths threw the Breeding Path tab (if they can create the hard to program part mentioned above).
    • PG can make it so the path has to be approved before others can see it (to prevent too many duplicate paths or too many paths in general).
    • PG can add a search function, so you can look up the name of the guide you want to add to your Breeding Path tab.

I also think being able to see how many extra eggs each path creates for each tier would be nice (and possibly when those extra eggs are created).

Constructive feedback and ideas would be appreciated!


I like the idea. Maybe teams can setup what breeding paths will be displayed…that way we don’t have to go through the step of publishing paths into game

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It’s a neat idea but consider that breeding paths encourage “egg token responsibility” - that is, how to maximize use of your tokens without having to spend a lot of money. I don’t see PG endorsing that.

Also, what you are suggesting won’t fit neatly on a small phone screen and having to move the screen around to view all that information kind of defeats the ability to see it all in one spot.

However, maybe it could be possible to include more breeding path options under each dragon’s info screen.

Good point. PG is unlikely make an effort to lessen their income. Definitely the spreadsheet will not be very compatible with the mobile game screen, perhaps a link to a guide on the loading screen would be nice.

I’d like to see better info on the loading screen because the tips given right now, some of them are false. If PG implements anything like this, they will need to update it regularly and from what I know about PG, it isn’t happening.

The suggestion isn’t bad but really we can survive without this. Just exit the game, search up “Red’s breeding path war dragons,” on google and find the guide you were following.

If PG wasn’t ok with sharing breeding guides, they wouldn’t have breeding guides on their official website. Also, they have a section specifically for guides in the forums.

Fitting into a small screen could be a problem. This would be a good reason to use the other option of having the different paths on a menu instead of all showing up on the same screen. Idk if they might be able to do that for just phones or if they would just do it for everyone, which would be fine.

Do you mean clicking on a dragon and just seeing a list of the guide names that include that dragon?

There is a thread about fixing the loading screen Tips, which was started by a PG employee. Here is the link Understanding War Dragons - Improving Loading Screen Tips. :slightly_smiling_face:

I think @captbuckrogers means the “ready to breed,” text. Right now, you have to manually select the breeding parents and the “ready to breed,” will take you to a (random) pair while there are other options.

I like this idea, but I think it would be simpler to add a tab where we could manually type in our current path. Kinda like a personal wiki in the breeding castle. The downside would be that you still have to double check the original path (Reds spreadsheets for example) to know that it’s an updated version.

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Ah, more parent options in breeding instead of just showing one. That would also be helpful. Maybe some sort of arrow to go between the different parent options when you are in the cross breeding screen.

I think I want to keep the element of surprise. :slightly_smiling_face:

As long as it wouldn’t burden my phone, I’m okay with it :grin:

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Wait, isn’t WD’s motto “Gotta Catch 'Em All”?


At the least, when you’re “ready to breed” it could NOT take you to the stupidest option of breeding for that dragon possible


I thought it was “Gotta Buy 'Em All!” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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