Add Egg mission balloon to bases during attacks


I’d like to propose that PG add the eggs token balloon/zeppelin to bases during attacks.
Upon hitting the balloon it will drop X egg tokens (guaranteed)- a bit like another monument.
The number of tokens dropped could be minimal (around the 20 mark) but scale according to the tier of the base owners balloon.


Lol what


One more destructible for 100% egg token? How many? :thinking:


20, scaled to the balloon’s level.

So if I get this right, @UnseatedDonkey, you propose we get 20-32 egg tokens for each destroyed zeppelin depending on what colour it was, and not based on our own level?


How would it scale with the follower(s)? Would it be like gold from the invaders or like in a “normal” run?
Or who would get it? The person who initiates the attack, or the one who shoots the balloon down?

I have no more questions for now.


I really think the token numbers are doable now, hence this may be a little unnecessary.


Add some scaling according to level and some caps- maybe a few times a day? Who knows?
I wasn’t trying to present a finished idea, just an idea.

Maybe drop only for the leader?


If memory serves, 30 egg tokens is a “common” bronze chest drop, so even at red tier it’d be like adding an extra 2/3 of a bronze chest per run.

With the egg token bonus (125%), Elite, and a garnet balloon, I get 126 tokens from the 1-hour mission. Five runs - even against significantly weaker bases than my own - would get me more than that, and without the ruby cost of refreshing missions.

Let’s say I do runs against obsidian bases, for the nice neat number, and that it takes a minute and a half per run. That’s 40 runs per hour, multiplied by 30 tokens per run. 1,200 tokens per hour just from killing enemy balloons - almost ten times what I’d make from egg missions.

An hour a day would net me an extra 36k tokens for every breeding event, and that’s not a small sum. Refreshing the 126 token egg mission immediately costs 42 rubies, for 3 tokens/ruby. So if I wanted to grind an extra 36k tokens a month now, it’d cost me 12k rubies a month.

I like the idea, and it’d certainly get me to play more, but I don’t see PG going for it, not with it having the potential to shift the egg token economy so much.


I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel here. This is just meant as a minor addition, not a game changer. Too many players expect changes to be massive re-writes. It’s just a little something to make players smile.


Yeah no, this would be totally abused. You could use Ember and hit Mersy every 10 seconds.


Hense why i suggested capping it to a few times a day.


Is how they do with atlas, the first times you get multipliers for shards when hitting the beasts, and then it go down. In this case can be 5 times and the go to 0.
I remember they put egg drops in monuments but then was retired, any idea or someone remember why?


It was just supposed to be a little bonus for a small window of time, but a lot of people gritched about it


It was an addition to easter weekend last year.


And if its capped to a few times a day, then what’s the point? Might as well just add it to the daily payout amount then.


Optional to destroy, doesn’t mix into 100% completion.Whatever 1 ruby is worth In eggs is what The Zeppelin holds. Lots of hitpoints based on Zeppelin base level. Make them tanks . Once destroyed it distributes eggs


Again, it will be totally abused. People will just use Ember anyway, so it doesnt matter how tough you make it.


Hmmm… thinking out loud

  • You only get egg tokens if the base you are attacking has the same level of balloon as you do
  • Once a base has been harvested it cannot give tokens again… similar to how medal counts drop when repeatedly hitting the same base… this would stop farming


Maybe if they gave it 10B hp? :sweat_smile:


Why not direct token prize?

A PvE base which

  • Can only be attacked by certain dragon tiers
  • Has various Boss towers
  • Gives token at 100% win
  • Available anytime…


I’ve no objection to this (it’s a good idea) but it’s taking a possible tiny addition and making it a larger addition with small to no chance of happening any time soon.