Add Favorites Tab to Den

Would it be possible to add another tab to the den for favorites? We could select our favorite dragons using a small heart and they would show up under this tab.

Here’s a rough idea:


do you use hext a lot :eyes:


For PvP before season drags got the super fast cooldown, sure. Or Frigg


:joy::joy: No. Was just an idea of what I was talking about. :blush:

It gets annoying scrolling through all those dragons after emptying my roster for egg missions. I thought about suggesting multiple rosters but figured this would be easier to code.


+1 to this idea

Yeh a good idea. Another idea could be to have 2 active roster lists.

Agree with proposal

I love the idea… also we have the Breeding Den… why do dragons we don’t have show in the Den?

I was thinking something similar. Roster for egg missions that you could change the roster quickly rather than having to take dragons inactive & then active again.

Humm… and along with that…
BASE BLUEPRINTS. Select from the saved blueprints and you will have your base instantly changed :heart_eyes:


“Base for Tokens”
“Base for Atlas varioation 1”
“Base for Atlas varioation 2”
“Base for War”

@morreion what do you think


Also add a filter to exclude already experted dragons and not owned ones…

And I already suggested it earlier, that the selected dragon remains le last one you checked and not a random one!

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Yes, I’m quoting myself… :woman_facepalming:

I had thought about multiple rosters and filters, but I made this suggestion because I felt it was probably the easiest to implement.

Multiple rosters would be amazing but probably more difficult to code.

And who do I need to ping at PG to make this happen? :joy:

Personally I’d just like a way to get rid of dragons I refuse to ever fly again (the likes of jura, rajin). Send them to the glue factory.

you would do that to your loyal dragons? :scream:

Not to my loyal dragons, but I would sell that bastard Rajin to the glue factory for 3 lumber in a heartbeat. :grin:

Rajin wouldn’t even make good glue.

I might have to change path now, so many negative thing about rajin.
On topic: the favorite button would be nice to have

I’ve thought of this very same idea!, glad someone suggested it. Now to see if pg will even look at it…