Add for the game I have


it shows me an add for war dragons on other games and it says millions of dragons go unchoosen every day really obvious cause there weak so why do it it show the add when we have it




It shows adds for war dragons even though I have It already


you already have a phone, why you still see “ads” for phones…pretty obvious…ads are ads, developer has no control over who and when will display their ad, they just pay for it and pick the time slot as when the ad will pop up on other games


Lmfao other apps advertise whatever they want… doesn’t matter if you have WD on your phone already or not. :t_rex:


Okay okay okay. What! …It means you are not being watched by big brother. This is a good thing. Is the op seriously thinking this is not good? Just saying . What is the future going to bring if you everyone has a thought process like this! This is disturbing. Just saying. I’m glad the op brought this up so I can vent at his ridiculous thus question is.
Edit: Even if B.B. is watching it would still advertise so as to pretend it isn’t watchin. I guess maybe the op has a point?




Simple, PG can’t control when and where they show the ads, it would break a bunch of laws if they viewed us in America, since PG is based here, that would suck for them, and the game would be taken down


The weird thing about it is I can download it again and make a new account


That’s not weird, dude. That’s intended. :man_facepalming: :t_rex:


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