Add fourth slot in atlas for last prim

Currently there is only three slots available for your primes. Why not add the last slot So that all your primes are available for use and upgrade. Make it so that you have to buy it with gold just like you did the third slot.

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Because the combat mechanics of this game are already clunky and adding another available prime for each player will not help the lag!
Id actually suggest removing them all together
And rework the laughable attack and defense mechanics
The current system is based on power creep and really just needs to be tossed in general and truly if we want to address lag we should probably look at a smoother more streamlined set of attacking and defense mechanics because what we have now is pointlessly complex and one of the sources of the major sources of lag!
I’d rather see troop types that can be loaded on a single prime reducing lag and the server wouldn’t have to track 3 primes per player! Lol
Add another prime!?
I was thinking we need to remove them! :rofl:


Why would different troop types be any different than prim types? Also being able to be multiple places at once is beneficial.

Every primes movement is tracked and more primes means more lag
The server already hates this game :rofl: let’s not add something else for it to keep track of its struggling as it is :rofl:and you could load different troops on a universal prime and simply rework our attacking mechanics
And troops are just a example of how it can be made smoother and less cumbersome “laggy”:+1:

Hmm what about a new prime? Does that still spell lag and a OMG moment?


I would like to have a 4th prim to help defend/counter snipe multiple castles at once.

I think PG should put away all prims/troops of players not on a team back in the barracks and off the map at least once a month. Found this friendly zone with 2 mil troops of player not on a team, just sitting there stagnant. Might help with some lag


For me, a new prim type that deviates from the otherwise predictable power creep promised by Gold1 prims would be both refreshing and welcome.

As for lag, I am not an expert in this area but my first inclination would be that the extra data for a different type would likely have an impact in two ways: data transfers of the extra prim type itself, and the added battle data burden that more mechanics associated with it would cause.