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After playing for 3 years or so, I’ve found that I’ve made a lot of awesome connections with people… and in doing so I begin to wonder why we don’t have an “add friend” option to keep them all on one list for later? Sure, there’s bookmarking and adding them on an outside app such as Line, but it would be nice to have everyone in one spot in game that you can see when they’re on. I’ve met many people in League Chat that id love to continue a friendship with, but when league changes I normally lose them. Anyone else think this should be an added feature?

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Eh, I guess. I just find it easier to have an add friend button that keeps them in a list

:thinking: What is the purpose of a friend?

Someone to talk to :woman_shrugging:t4:


  1. Group lets one talk to the others not limited to league and teams.
  2. Group allows us to help each other (attacking? Glory swap?).
  3. Group allows each participant to leave the conversation.

Why is it every post I post you have something sarcastic or negative to say? It’s just an idea and others have actually liked it. If you don’t like it, move along. I get you’re trying to tell your “opinion”, but I think starting a group is a pain vs just having a quick add and approve button

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Not sarcastic. More likely, want to know the difference between friend system and group chat. (Flexibility and other mechanic)

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With the “:roll_eyes:” as nothing more than just an emoji, right? My opinion on this matter is nothing more than an idea that I find would be helpful. I do not need to go on explaining it, as I’ve already done so.

Not in detail. Plus all features you’ve described above are in group chat.

A simple “add friend” button and easily accessible list vs having to go into a group and type out a name, especially when the person has numbers and weird spellings is a easier option IMO

Plus, you cannot click on a name of a person in a group chat to pull up their info. A friends list with easy accessibility to send a PM or check if they’re online would be much more practical.

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You can always use LINE or whatsapp or whatever app your heart desires :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Yes, but you still have to add them… which I’ve been doing. I’d like to have everything in one app!

I think this would be a great Idea, just like we have bookmarks for xp/rss bases why not a separate one for just friends making it easier to run quests between teams etc. Aswell as keeping in contact in general. And yes I know you can create separate chats ingame but not everyone loves to chat everyday haha…

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Having friends ingame is definitely a benefit as it helps to give you a goal to beat if they are higher in level to you or just plain out fun competition between you. Not to mention if they are on a separate team making quests a lot easier during events rather then having to always find someone in lc to help.

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The problem with a group vs an “add friend” is that all my friends don’t necessarily want to be friends with eachother. Unless you’re suggesting a seperate group for each friend? :astonished:


So true :rofl::rofl::rofl:


My only concerns with this system are

  1. Even with current system, PG’s sync is not good. If this won’t add the strain, it might be good (as “friend” will be 2 players relationship).
  2. Stalking (allowing “unfriend / block friend” will solve this)
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I like the friends list idea. Yes, it must be a mutual thing like Facebook where one person sends a request and the other has to accept. Removing and blocking is also a must. I agree that people I am friends with won’t necessarily be friends with each other, so groups wouldn’t always be the best. I know I am in a group in game where I am not friends with everyone in there, so sometimes it can get a bit awkward. A friends list would have ease of access to message your friends through a menu like bookmarks, and to see if they are online for quest help, etc.

I cringe at the possible bugs and glitches associated with it, though. I seriously think PG should work on current glitches and issues before adding some new features. Still, I hope to see this in the future.

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