Add "@governor/banker" function

We can “@group” and “@officers” , but I think when it comes to castle attacks and people requesting RSS adding a governor and banker tag would be awesome.


@bankers would be useful for teams who does not have enough castles to give everyone directly banking access.

What, like the teams that still don’t have 50 castles like in the old days so everyone had their own personal bank??? :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

If an @group or @officers doesn’t work for your team, why do you think adding more @ capabilities would help? @ group is everyone. @ officers is anyone who controls activities at all castles. Do you think your governors and bankers ignore the @ groups?

Edit: If so…sounds like a personal problem. Or maybe a personnel problem :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. As my son says. :joy:

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I have suggested this months ago several times . Not a priority they say /

I like this actually! We only have a few castles, and we only have a few bankers. A lot of time I’m not there when people ask so I would like a way to say @bankers

If they include the @governors or @bankers, they would likely add that feature for other atlas castle roles for coherence.

Aside from rss, summoning @Scholars and @Marshals in the event of a sniper may help in counter-sniping or avoiding getting bubbled - especially on teams that have mostly smalls. Poor @Foreman has zero functionality though :disappointed_relieved:

Would be nice if I @slackers and auto load up their troops to man castles