Add more Spells to Forge, some white spells, more powerful ones

Equiping Chain Lightning or Freeze is nice but it would be even better to add some more powerful White Spells in there like white death gaze, white shield, etc.

It would also be nice to equip dark flak resist or fire flak, etc…

Give us some more items to forge, even if costs are higher than weaker red or blue spells, it would be nice to have more variety.


being able to forge resource spells would be interesting too

  • lumber spell -more lumber
  • sheep steak spell - more food
  • XP boost spells
  • chest attracting spell (brings up chance of getting chest drop)
  • speed spell
  • and spell flux bc its cool

I’d definitely be in favor of improving the forge, but I’d say that the more powerful resists, and especially white spells, should never be forgeable. That’s just one step closer to “I win” dragons.

Instead, I’d like to see a wider range of red and blue spells forgeable, maybe a wider range of defensive consumables (so there’s something useful to do besides shield, sword, tons of hammers), and a reduction in forging time (it shouldn’t take days to forge the consumables that can be expended in a single defense).


I’d also like to see the times for certain things reduce… :joy: too much to ask?

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Spells that just create visual effects. I want my Gig’s eye beam to be rainbow and fire glitter bombs. His “shield” needs to become a disco ball


I so agree :joy:

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Let us forge adaptive flak resist :heart_eyes:

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No white spells everything else is fine but white spells is a big NO


50 :ruby: for +100%
100 :ruby: for + 200%
Discount on buying a lot.

Evasion? Sure it’s blue, but it increases speed tremendously.


Belly Flop? :upside_down_face:

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The only I forge…is timers :woman_shrugging:t2:


Me too. And hammers. :confounded:

I just want to sell items back. What am I supposed to do with millions of ballista resists?

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Use it on Temple Raid \o/

Perhaps if they offered a white spell (I think this would be the only viable spell to make white and forgeable, I definitely don’t think any other white spell should be in the forge) as forgeable it would be a 1 use evasion spell, maybe even restrict it to where you can’t use spells or attack while evading

Gonna have to echo this. While improving the forge would definitely be a good thing. And there is a wide range of blue and red spells that can be found on seasonal dragons, adding the newer resists or white spells would absolutely create a design nightmare and break the game.

The reality is adding in white spells as consumables allows the player to bypass weaknesses that are designed into the dragon to balance out the strengths it has. As an example giving Gig a white cloak would allow it to dodge mage shots removing his one weakness (being reliant on rage for his breath attack/sheild spell, and having no way to dodge mage drain). This in turn makes it a lot harder to defend against him.


could some of the fun white spells just be made as red or blue (depending on the spell) then?

Yes I agree having powerful white consumable spells would greatly strengthen a dragon, But if you think about it when the forge first started, adding chain lighting and fireball and lightning resist was a massive buff also. Now these red and blue spells are becoming more and more obsolete.

Let’s face it, against these new bases and high level towers, chain lightning Is pretty weak now

Chain Lightning had its heyday a long time ago… due to the random nature of its bounce I’ve never considered a spell.

There was a time though when if you cast it on those monuments that you can hit from around the corner and chain lightning an island before you even reached it. When PG fixed that it went back to being hit and miss and that’s not what I’m looking for in an add on spell but that’s just me.

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Me too

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