Add Mythic Items for Atlas Summer

Good morning from Europe :stuck_out_tongue: ,

I have read a lot about all the weird stuff, changes and plans for atlas.

Beeing an E2P player only, i can only speak for my „type“ of players.

I started playing atlas with the rollout last summer and managed to gather almost 5 complete sets of elite gear.

With the season coming to an end, my suggestion would be to add mythic items to the rewards in atlas. This has been suggested by many others, and should not be anything new.
What I certainly have not read about is the idea of UPGRADING Items to mythic. This should only be possible if you claimed a mythic upgrade „item“ in the respective branch of your element. Upgrading requires a level 10 elite item and will make the item mythic (obviously), adding another 5-10 levels to the maximum upgrade level.

Costs and values should ofc be balanced.

We are already having 2 split up groups within WD (atlas and regular players), this would add „some more“ competition and sense to the atlas community (and some more future for upgrading items and participating in the event).

Your thoughts?

I would edit the suggestion to being able to upgrade level 10 legendary items to elite status for a shard cost, instead of putting the cart before the horse and suggesting the introduction of mythic gear, which imo would break game balance even more.


While I would like more stuff to chase. I worry that this puts even more distance between the “have atlas” and the “don’t have atlas” groups. When a team wants atlas now they have to fight up to sapphire with very limited gear and no elite gear. Giving the atlas teams a boost that non atlas teams catch match could make it harder to get atlas in the future

If there is a way for normal non atlas players then I’m a little more ok with it. But then we have to be so careful for power creep where any new dragon is irrelevant unless we have armour on it. Riders make things a pain to balance and kinda force every dragon who doesn’t have armour into redundancy.


You want gear to be even more powerful then it already is? I’m Not sure this is a good idea :flushed:

Honestly it would have been nice if gear was was half the strength or 1/3 and sets could be more unique. There could be a lot more different kinds of gear with magical pieces that can give rage regeneration, Ammo, buff spells, etc.
Not just the half give attack and half give Hp.

The rider tree kind of touched on this but not really because most everyone takes the same route, nothing is unique or different and if it is then it’s probably not for the better lol
Rider trees could have been a lot bigger with all kinds of different options. That would have been fun.


You got FIVE complete sets of Elite gear in less than 1 year as an E2P (elite only in standard game)?

Am I to believe you have them leveled to 10 as well?

Not sure how you can build / revive enough troops to get all that glory. Clearly I am doing something wrong


Doesn’t Elite = Mythic? :man_shrugging:

Legendary gear used to be 20/20 max for a full set
Then they bumped it up to be 80/80 max for a full set
Then they introduced Elite which made it 100/100 for a full set

Now you want to introduce something that will further the gap?
If they were to add something to the top, they should lower everything below it. Which would cause riots. Because people “paid for” that exact number upgrade.


Please no, just no

So for you Elite is the maximum players should get / have?

I’d say elite is about double the max what gear should ever have had. Kinda hard to roll that back now though.


Hmm, seems I’ve seen this before . . .

Yep, put me down not just for “No,” but “Hell no.”

Gear already has far too much influence in the game, to the point where a rider + gear can more than double the stats of a dragon or base.

Not to mention that there’s still the Atlas vs. non-Atlas gap, and this would widen it again. It’d be kinder to just remove the ability of non-Atlas players to forge gear at all and leave things as-is, since this new gear would more than reverse the pitiful gains towards parity that they’ve already been given.

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@Morreion said it best.


I join emphatically the choruses of Hell No.
Do you really already have a set of every single element elite maxed? Even if so… start a second set, I’m sure there’s use for it…


No i don’t have it maxed. But it is only a matter of time

I agree, the impact of gear is horrific! But why do you think reducing the bonus is a option? Riders are getting stronger every season as well.

Yes, that’s true, but how MUCH time.


Exactly. Let’s see…three perches times five different elemental options for each is 15 defensive sets. Plus at least 5 offensive sets, one for each element. And realistically, you probably need at least two sets for every element offensively, since you rotate attacking dragons more often than perches.

So we’re looking at upwards of 25 sets to be fully covered defensively and offensively.

Assuming that OP keeps up his above-average rate of gear acquisition, that will take five years. Not likely to run out of places to spend glory or crafting shards anytime soon.


All as an E2P… I am such a slacker…

True. The Empyrean Mythics are the same element as the most recent and current divine(s). The newest Battle Fish/Invoker is the exception.

I like this term and i’m probably going to start using it freqently


I plan to use ONE perch with one element for a very long time. I don’t see the need to use my 2nd perch for anything other than the atlas rider with 12% build time reduction. So there is one set.

Agree on the 5 elements for attacking. Usually mythic dragons that I use will find its replacement after 2-3 seasons. Usually their element differs at least every other season, which makes 2 sets of the same element the „one in a million“ case :stuck_out_tongue: