Add new pvp events to increase interest in the game

I don’t have a specific event idea. I just think I’m getting a bit sick of playing a pvp event I feel like we already did recently. The fact that’s there’s only a small number of active types of pvp events that can run now is causing that feeling. Now that there is only a small few I am left with that feeling “not again” every single time. A feeling that is quite strong if I don’t particularly like one.

We need 2-3 more new ones added to the rotation to reduce that repetitive feeling please. I miss the variety we used to have :cry:


The next pvp they release will be simply swiping your CC and whoever pays the most, wins.


I agree more would be nice, but that variety never existed, we used to have a whopping 5 events at most, still endlessly repeating.

True but when there was 5 it still took a little longer for the same event to come around again. Back when they also threw feeding in that was an extra month or even more between an event being repeated

What’s really sad is that there are still people who would participate in order to be 1st


If I may, how long had you’ve been playing?

bring back tug of war. i loved the tattered flags on my base


Main account only started during what I think was wintertide. Not really that long ago about long enough to miss.

We still had tug of war, KoH and conquer the world. I understand that conquer the world is replaced by kingdomwars but generally back then there was more than 3 events. You often didn’t see a few repeats for a few months.

Now that there are only 3 there’s usually an event that was already run last month.

@DukeScalia1 I used to love capture the flag. No idea why people hated it so much.

My concern about game play here… most of us are just logging in at the moment to maintain/sustain current ranks in atlas and rank in main game leagues because the game is boring and repetitive. Land is gridlocked in atlas, only thing left to do is attack people who piss you off and or go get your stuff back. PvP events have become our break from that but they are boring as hell and repetitive enough to wonder why we are here.

Imagine if you did not have atlas at all…

There are four? Temple Raid was also added when the other three were removed.


It’s definitly time for new events… not only that the old one are so badly bugged that u hate to play them, but also the neverending boredom. And wallet wars pvp that only exist to make the people spend for megacoins have to be removed completely…

Yes correct. I am mistaken:
Gauntlet, Pits, Temple Raid and Kingdom Wars.
Did I miss any more?

But why does it always feel like I have only just recently played each pvp?

Perhaps this is good that it is boring. It’s getting warmer where I am. Lots of other fun things to do. I wish I could live in a swimming pool for the next 6 months.

Partly it might just being in the game longer. When you’ve been playing 6 months everything feels fresher than after 3 years. And of course 4 is still less than 5 + the occasional feeding.

A new pvp event sure wouldn’t hurt, but as Kingdom Wars have shown it’s not all that easy to come up with something really new that’s balanced and fun.

:see_no_evil: I like kingdomwars… all of them except pits

It might be true, that it’s not easy to come up with something new and exciting that is balanced as well, but all the new dragons, new tiers new runes etc. have to be produced at well. Maybe it is time to get back to a game instead of collecting new stuff. All the basics have been ignored quite a long time for the sake of income. It’s ok and natural to think how can we earn more or the same amount of money, but if u ignore the game behind the towers and dragons it’s nothing but boredom after a while.


My post was specifically about PVP events also. Whenever you compare them its obvious they should see the key ingredients for intrest.
Creating a Format thats fun for is still locked inside someones head. Your on the right possibilities for creating better intrest tho.

Definitely PG needs to introduce something new. Specially I don’t like fight pits and kingdom wars

They are to me borderline from not being completely fair also.Due to Alliance agreements

Territorial Kingdom Wars is the worst on creating animosity & possible multiple Teams against one.

Oh my. You’re really not gonna like Atlas, then. :laughing:

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Like you’re way off my intrest, am lost without Atlas. :zap::dagger::dizzy::crossed_swords::dizzy::hocho::zap: