Add permanent shortcut to Active Battle Invites screen

Please add a persistent alternative way to get to the Active Battle Invites screen. sometimes those banners disappear so quickly, or you are in between loading screens, or accidentally hit the X button, or it got obscured by another notification. Give us a chance to back that wildfire, defend yourself, defend teammates, etc… when the notification system is acting buggy


The banner goes away when the run starts so how could you have an extension of it?
If all banners are only showing for a second or 2 then likely your internet is slow.

Where would you suggest that the banner/menu should go so it doesn’t permanently clutter the screen and/or is easily and quickly accessible?

I’m not going to deny my internet is slow because it sometimes seems that way, but only with War Dragons (200 Mbps download, 15 Mbps upload - every other online game and streaming is fine)

The banner doesn’t necessarily go away only when the run starts. Banner notification system is buggy. Sometimes the device will vibrate but no banner will show. Sometimes I can get lucky and a different invite will pop up a few seconds later and the old one is still in the Active Battle Invites Screen and I can get in then.

Those banner popups are just temporary shortcuts to the same exact place - it always goes to the Active Battle Invites where you would need to tap again to join. It’s not like it went directly to the specific attack/defend when you tapped it from your base screen.

Basically I would like a link that goes to the Active Battle Invite screen - the same one that exists in the game right now, just don’t automatically hide it when there are no active invites. If there is currently no active invites, that screen will be empty. When someone invites, it should show up there. That way if I committed to backing someone’s wiildfire or XP run, I can just go to the screen directly and watch it like a hawk.

This link could be placed below the “Group” tab on the chat - there’s certainly enough room for it there.

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