Add points for feeding during breeding events

Hey there,

Since feeding has been removed, i’ve been thinking that we could get points for feeding during breeding events.


We could have a season long feeding event where we get small amount of points and goodies for feeding our wonderful drags throughout the season.

We have that, the goody is stronger dragons and the satisfaction that comes from seeing little “expert” crowns and an empty storage hut and then going to raid someone else’s food and possibly coming away with their gold too.

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One of the main reasons feeding was removed was because it created a strain on the food economy that lasted forever. If feeding became a part of breeding, food would be impossible to find and then good luck training your dragons to breed if you’re getting multiple in one event. No thank you.


If feeding has been removed then you won’t be getting points for feeding dragons. Technically one could argue that you DO get points for feeding dragons during breeding events, if said feedings get your dragon to breedable age and allow you to breed more dragons.

There are many reasons why combining feeding and breeding events would be bad, including the fact that it would be impossible to get food to train the dragons that NEED it because people would doubtlessly be putting food into their perches.

In any case, PG has removed feeding as an event, so I don’t see them adding feeding as a way of getting additional points during breeding events. Therefore I will be closing this thread.