Add Time of Day to End Dates

Just having a date for when you can last collect prizes is confusing. Some people consider it as no longer available on the date provided while others think you can collect on the date provided but not after the date. (Example, the date for this season is December 5th. Some people will think you can collect on December 4th, but not on December 5th, while others will think they can collect on December 5th, but not on December 6th.)

The avoid confusion, please add a time of day to the date.

Thank you,



Makes sense :man_shrugging: especially with so many different time zones playing the game.


This is already in place for the winter season; you can see it in the first screenshot here.


I think you made an oopsy daisy


I go off the countdown timer on the event island. Once it goes away, no more sigil rewards available…

They added the timer for the season after I posted this, BTW. I also asked for this like 2 seasons ago. Looks like they finally added it! The timer on the event island didn’t match with the season ending, FYI. I found that out the hard way.

to be fair, if you check each claim that it is only claimable until December 6-7, then that would hint that it will only last until that day.

but yeah, its nice that they added that so no one would complain if they missed the season.

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