Added Some Atlas FAQs


I’ve recently added a few articles to the in-game FAQs section for Atlas. Hopefully, some of these may help clear up some confusion, or at least provide a baseline amount of knowledge to some of the mechanics. I’ll keep working on adding more, but please feel free to request specific topics.

[?] Atlas Castles and Infrastructure

[?] Atlas PvP Combat Overview
[?] Atlas Combat Flowchart
[?] Glory Mechanics
[?] Primarchs Overview
[?] Troops Overview
[?] Targeting and Bookmarking Locations
[?] Daily Tribute
[?] Alliances
[?] Primarch Movement

Relevant mention to Gox’s Atlas Guide for more in-depth looks into strategy and more.

Atlas basic guide
Atlas roll out to more teams?
Atlas Websites and Vids


Could you also add when the next rollout of Atlas is? Even if it’s just generic text saying to keep an eye out on #atlas for updates. :pray:

Cute Zendesk avy :rofl:

I think that the glory calculations for defending are also a bit more complex than a flat .75 when outside of an ideal scenario?


Please let them take their time working on Atlas. It was a train wreck when we got it in the last addition! Just the tutorial, OMG! You will be so much better off, be patient!


:rofl: I’m already in Atlas, but the question gets asked frequently on the forums, so it’d be worth having a stock answer.


Thanks for posting ET!

Unfortunately I have a rather large discrepancy between what is posted for being on defense in Glory mechanics and what I actually received.

You have posted that it is 75% of attack troops killed, in my past many many battles I haven’t even gotten close to that amount 🤷




It is still capped by how many of your troops are killed, BUT I do see there’s a discrepancy. I may have left out the kill ratio factor from defense. I’ll confirm this shortly and fix that section.

Edit: It turns out I left out the number for Glory Cap per battle, which is 1.5x of your own Troops killed. Updated the article to reflect this now. :+1:


I confirm with this. Lost 1k troops, got 1500 GP for me


I hate how atlas post close automatically in a month, vs a month after the last reply. Especially for a group source post like this…


Added one more thing today, which I hope will serve to be helpful!

[?] Atlas Combat Flowchart


I’ve changed a setting so that it should behave as expected now (30 days from last reply). Not sure why the default was the contrary.


Prim’s AP n enemy’s DP affect the formula?
Plus players lv affect the formula as well?
Let’s say, the attack - lv200 player ( lv2 Fighter) vs lv65 ( lv3 Fighter) - affect the formula?



Do you mean the Troops killed in PvP battle? If so, the most important thing in the calculation aside from flames is the Primarch ATK and DEF ratings. This article should explain it in more detail. Player level has no effect on the kill outcome. However, it’s worth noting that player levels will soon have an effect on the amount of Glory earned.



Need clarification regarding Tower Buffs and Siegers.

The way it reads if our teammates have Siegers parked on our castles and that castle is attacked the tower buffs to our other Primarchs are reduced by [# of Siegers] x [tower buff]?

If so, does that still apply if a teammate brings in their Siegers after attacks from another team have been initiated?

  • Did you mean “Fort” instead of “Tower”? The Tower enacts the Enfeeble debuff, while the Fort has the Fort Combat bonus.
  • Only teammates gain the benefits of the Fort buff. Teams you have Safe Passage with do not gain the buff.
  • The Sieger’s debuff only applies to the combat bonus on enemy Forts.
  • The Sieger’s debuff is additive with other Siegers.


Yes, meant Tower. Now clear. Thanks.


Regarding the pvp combat overveiw, can you go more into detail about how flames (and then percentage completed below 70%) affect the original prime ratio?
Forum goers kinda know it from previous conversations about it, but trying to show it to a new person is hard to do.


The combat ratio is multiplied by the Flame coefficient. For example, if you have an attacking Primarch with 200 ATK attacking a defending Primarch with 150 DEF, the combat ratio is 1.33. Flame ratios are 2.0 for 5-Flames, 1.5 for 4-Flames, and 1.0 and below for 3-Flames depending on base destruction. If this battle was a 4-Flame attack, the kill ratio would be 1.33* 1.5 = 2.0.


that doesn’t clarify 1 flame 2 flame and below 70% yet


We know that below (maybe including) 10% = 1:10 ratio against the attacker which primarch ratio doesn’t impact. Not exactly sure of the scaling but I expect it’s every 10% up until 100%.

I’ve never tested for this. But it might just be a straight percentage (1/10 = 10%)

< 10% 1:10
< 20% 2:10
< 30% 3:10

< 90% 9/10
And 100% is 3 flames which is 10/10 or 1:1

Would need PG to verify or someone to test but that’s what I’d expect it to be.