Adding 1 or more troops while enemy primary is on their Island

I thought this mechanic issue was fixed. . .

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Bahahhaha Zensatiok again. You almost have to be impressed. They find every glitch imgainable​:joy::joy:. If they ever team up with NoRoyalDesert. We are all fucked :joy::joy::joy::joy:


If you have more than 100k troops at your door, you get a message that says you cannot summon troops/garrisons.

So … bring friends

The full fix hasn’t been deployed live yet. Tough time of the year to crunch everything out during the holidays with everyone taking well deserved time off.

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Yeah I don’t really understand what’s going on there, but I found that same glitch against the same team last night when I was trying to get some kills.

They have 1 troop and you kill it and suddenly there is 1 more. Even when no primarchs are in the region other than yours. Frustrating. It seems a lot of other teams are doing the same thing as almost everyone who didn’t have a 400+ taunter was using this, whatever it is. Great way to prevent kills during a tourney.

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It’s actually ridiculous.
My team was going to do the same(because someone gave them advice to do it),but I won’t let them,because it’s cheating.
And we lost about 700k troops in 2 days
Why should some ppl abuse glitches and stay safe?My mate spend 1k$ in few hours to rebuild ships and try to hold island,and someone can have it for free.
Now he can’t see the point in spending in Atlas.And I can understand him
Please,take it more seriously :pray:t2:
*im not complaining about troops which we lost.I want everyone to fight fair,without abusing glitches.

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Seriously?!? Ok I’ll do that!!


You said in the other thread that it’s an unintended mechanic. My understanding is, basically it’s wrong to use it (again). Yet it’s still being used. By the same people, no less!

I personally believe punishments (perhaps even bans!) are in order… otherwise they and others will think it’s ok to use it, even though it’s wrong.

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It’s been at least 2 weeks since a D1 team MonstersDesert blatantly used a hacked account with Kelvin killing bases with 1 button press to win a war, and the leader of that team is threatening to do it again via in game mail. Literally no punishment has been issued to my knowledge. Not thinking this will merit even a mild rebuke.

Hmm wasn’t prewar an unintended mechanic? :thinking:Yet you all use it and don’t call it cheating :thinking:

Time to get off those high horses. We are not cheating. Just more active than 95% of you so it works for us.

I could not understand what happened. Can someone explain it to me please?

You’ll understand when you attack Zensation or other new Atlas team I should say, they are very active when garrison goes low quantity;-)

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Please do not use this as it has been stated by pg it is an unintentional mechanic they intend to prevent.

What I believe they are showing is that they attack the fort and kill it but it’s still owned. Ignore his quitting immediately this is another questionable tactic where you can kill troops with 0%.

What is being snowed here is that each player has a very small number of troops garrisoned there. So in order to win you need to have 50 battles if all 50 members garrisoned 1 troop. That takes a lot of time. Even using the tactic shown.

I’m actually surprised by this, as I would have thought battles at the castle should just automatically be against the biggest base garrisoned there with all troops in a single pool.

But it seems you must have a battle with each player garrisoned there and kill their troops.

You could theoretically thwart this by attacking multiple forts at once so that they would need to replenish them all. It’s time consuming.

I may be wrong. (Please correct me if I am).

Up until recently my experience was you move in, kill the primarchs around the fort, and attack the fort and kill all the troops and then you can conquer it. But here you would have to sit in their zone exposed for a good long while…

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I’m not sure if this is related or not… I was questioning the ability to use garrisoned troops while under attack… for example today an enemy came, I had 2k on my primarch but 30k in the garrison, I attempted to load my primarch with more troops and it told me I can’t not transfer troops if an enemy is on the castle… is this supposed to happen this way? Kind of pointless to have a stock of troops if you can’t attach to them and battle at your own land.

Yet when I went to attack a team last week listed under this issue, they were constantly transferring their troops back n forth between the castle and primarch in mid-attack so that I never could kill them.

We recently disabled the ability to transfer troops while an enemy is present because players were using that to prevent their troops from being easily killed. You don’t need to transfer troops from your garrison to your defending primarch when under attack because they will automatically fight as if they were already on your primarch anyway (and the garrison cannot be attacked as long as your primarch is there).


95%?Who are that other 5%? Who are also active…lemme guess…I think it’s Monsterdesert!
Their Kelvin looks pretty much active and helps them to resist bullies in D1


Not sure what that is even supposed to mean :man_shrugging:Don’t care either way though :v:

How does that help me to kill the enemy though? Once he killed my 2k troops on the primarch I had to go resummon in safe zone and then couldn’t attack him bc all of my troops are at the garrison unable to be attached to my primarch. If my troops are going to die I prefer to them to attack for GP instead of letting him (200 levels bigger than the entire team) destroy all we worked for and we get no GP out of it bc we can’t touch our army.

And you can’t take the troops with you to go mine and poach bc of sneaky hits there or at the castle the moment you step away. Basically fucked no matter which direction you go in.

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I am curious, if garrison provides troops with the same statistics as if they were with primarch at the castle and you have 2 primarchs then which primarch would it be like having the troops with? Because that definitely matters…

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