Adding a "Max" Button to tower boosts

Before anyone says, I did do a search for this subject and I found a post almost a year ago addressing a possible fix for this issue.
When boosting my towers, it gets really annoying to have to push the button so many times to get to the 14 days maximum allowed for the tower boosts.
I’m sure there are people who don’t do what I do, but because I have So many Attack and defense boosts, I CONSTANTLY have them running, so having a “Max” Button to put it all the way to 14 days would be really nice.
I know it would only be a really small addition to the QoL to the game, but I figured this might be worth bringing up as a new UI change.


It works better than it did though… Was REALLY annoying not that long ago when you would hit it and nothing happened.

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I think this has been suggested in QoL thread several times but it might be buried.
And actually the idea with slider from that thread I liked more than just ‘max’ because I usually don’t boost me during minor events so no reason for me to get 2 weeks running in one click.
Slider on the other hand could be much more usable :ok_hand:t3:


Noted for next fort event. :wink:

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Don’t you think I don’t use or dump all of my wood immediately as I receive it or before logging off :rofl:

Welcome to try though :smile:

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What’s your time zone? For… reasons.

My time zone is Sleep when you can sleep and if you can’t, wreck some bases at 3a.m.
Actually with 5k of each boost in my possession maybe I should not be that saving and live on max :smirk_cat:

In all seriousness are you short on tower boosts?
Because I have over 4 years of each, so even if i stopped obtaining them I could keep my towers constantly boosted for longer than I intend to play the game.


Just wrote I have 5k of each now. But idk, I don’t see much reason for it when it’s not PvP.
There was a time when during my whole stay in a platinum league I was constantly out of all resources, literally NO base boosts, no dragon boosts, no potions… these were hard times and I had to learn to save. It’s been a long time since I left plat and I’ve never been struggling with anything again, but the habits are not easy to kill.

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Could we take the OP’s suggestion one step further and have an “auto-renew” option? Like many others, I have more than a lifetime supply of these boosts. It would be great if the game just kept the three monuments boosted for me.


The issue may be PG does not want to get into the complicated coding it would take to max the boost without going over.

I am all for the idea but figure very few, if any, actually max out the tower. They may bring it to 13d 21h but will not use that last boost for only 3 hours. That is the part I expect PG does not want to deal with.

Hopefully I am wrong and we get this. It is a good suggestion.

Edit: If they add it then it will charge us 5k rubies each time we max it.

Great idea but I believe it will just cause future glitches and bugs that come out of nowhere that don’t make any sense . I have played a lot of games in my life and it seems after about three or four years people make suggestions in the forums that seem like a good idea but these are the type of suggestions that are just quick satisfaction and also cause glitches and bugs for games I would say just leave it alone and enjoy .

What’s next ? Instant win attacks because we know our dragons will destroy a base with out even touching the screen and without even looking at the screen we just push a button and win because our Dragon is just so powerful we know the base is going to be hundred percent destroyed so why bother using the dragon anyway just hit a button and you win yeah

:sob::sob::sob: Do we need to start a timer?

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  • write suggestion for auto boost
  • look back at the auto-upkeep feature
  • keep the suggestion in hand
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I have over 15000 of each my towers always boosted :laughing: need a boost max

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