Adding gold1 and above to atlas

Adding gold1 and above would mean adding another 270 teams to atlas.


Good lord, just what we needed… said no one ever. More lag for everyone and 270 teams that probably wont be able to ever do anything. If a team cant even make it out of gold to platinum then they really have no business in atlas, they need to be focused on having an active team instead and getting out of gold.

Might as well add PeeWee hockey teams into pro hockey playoffs


Maybe the solution to atlas stagnation was to create a little chaos

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That would have been true a year ago. But with new rules on guards and glory and stuff, no one really wants to conquer access castles any more. A number of retired gold teams descended from higher leagues are holding them with 1-2 active players. There will be some more teams like that, some more pirates, and some teams just ignoring the atlas button. But overall maybe a bit more activity and a better training ground for lower ranked teams.


With how many abandoned gate castles there are in atlas still (t2 as well, not just t4s), I don’t think it’s a bad thing,


Why would adding a few hundred barely or mostly inactive teams upatlas activity? It just means more team sitting in sz causing more lag. Have the P4 teams that have gotten added in the last year gone anywhere?

The only benefit this will really have will be for the high level players hanging out on l low active teams with super low influence will be able to hit the small teams with access castles, causing them to abandon them.
An actual gold team full of low level players have basically no chance at this point of doing anything in atlas. Not unless PG actually gave them resources to use. like start everyone new off with 100k troops and Silver 1 primes plus a couple of castles that cant be attacked and give no tribute

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They have gone to play at their level of ambition and comfort. They have no obligation to move to higher ranks.

If castles change hands, that is activity. You are contradicting yourself.

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No I havent. They will not take any castles. At most they will be gifted some castles and then if anyone actually wants them they will not be able to hold them. That’s not activity. There is really no chance for them to catch up at this point. Especially in G1 where they more than likely cant even keep an active team of 30 or 40 members.

There is really no reason for G1 to be given atlas

If someone abandons a castle, it goes to someone else. And all of this still sounds like activity. There is little difference between Plat4 and Gold1 in regards to this. This just adds more players to Atlas, which statistically can only lead to more activity.

Also for the reference, there are already 180 Gold1 teams with Atlas access, so everyone who wants to sit low, already does. Might as well give it to the rest of the league, to give them a fighting chance with gear. Also hitting from below in Atlas does not depend on the war league, only on power rank. If you like that, just keep a low teammate count, or recruit low levels, and you can do that in Plat just as well.


A few numbers (because I was bored):

In P3 there are currently 2 non atlas teams, the average roster of atlas teams is 47
In P4 there are currently 44 non atlas teams, the average roster of atlas teams is 44
In G1 there are 180 atlas teams with an average roster of 22
In G2 there are 110 atlas teams with an average roster of 5
In G3 there are 22 atlas teams with an average roster of 2.5
In G4 there are 4 atlas teams with an average roster of 4
In G5 there is 1 atlas team with a roster of 1.

The total number of players across the 1441 atlas teams is now below 58k, a year ago it was just above 60k with 1368 teams.

Only 13 of the teams added in the last 2 rollouts have more than 1 castle.

Personally I think that they might as well add all teams to atlas. But also make it easier for new teams to progress by massively reducing the upgrade costs for infrastructure, as well as significant discounting for bronze and silver prim upgrades. Maybe also extend the free atlas elite to a month as well.


Yay for numbers!

And I agree too, with over 300 gold teams in atlas already, adding the rest of gold 1 won’t really do any harm, and it’s nice to at least have invaders and such. But without any catch up mechanics it’s pretty much impossible to build up to atlas relevance if you only get in just now.


Having one castle is also nice.

Also, this is pure speculation, but I guess many players from those teams moved on individually to stronger teams, after learning the atlas basics, and building up some troops, gear, and primarchs.

You’d have a better chance of finding gold in a pile of shat than you will finding active and participating members.:laughing::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile:

Although it’s not going to be fun hitting 1800-2000 rank gate teams for 0% glory to hit the actual target :frowning:

Skinner box needed some blood so the gears don’t grind!:drop_of_blood:
They are supplying something for the smaller established players to eliminate from the game because even smaller players make great food….
Yes the game not the map!
The use of elimination tactics requires feeding the map slowly and expanding it slowly!
And sadly the resulting lag tends to grind the game to a stop but that’s not really a big issue here anymore because we don’t have enough players left down there to even produce lag!

And it’s not like the foundation of our game is important :tipping_hand_man:t3:

Adding gold with the unbalanced engagement we use on this map is a death sentence for player retention!
Ahhh because yes they will only get frustrated with a feature they can’t play effectively and each time they try and fail and walk away we loose a future player due to piss poor map design.
And while it offers improved access to crafting resources that is not going to offset the loss to player retention or make it fun for them :man_facepalming:

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270 new teams have been added (there are now 1709 teams).

Currently the new teams don’t have a power rank, hopefully that’ll get fixed soon.

Edit: It now means there are 66k players on atlas teams


Is that assuming that each team has 50 players or is that actual data?

Just curious

Wouldn’t be basing it off 50 I would think. Should be the total from people actually on teams.

(1709 teams x 50 players would be around 85k :shushing_face::joy:)

Though I believe from the 1709 teams that appear on the atlas api, some are “dead” or placeholder teams. Such as teams that disbanded completely and are now not even searchable on the team hall (e.g. BOZOKLAR - hope it’s not considered a call out, the team is non-existent except in atlas api :see_no_evil::joy:). Flumpie may have already excluded those so 1700 is the full amount. Not sure :woman_shrugging:

So the real amount of teams that have 1+ members is about 1500-1600 I believe.


As Blassie mentioned, the API does return a bunch of disbanded teams, but I did not include them in the total. However, I did accidentally include the 2 PG test teams, so there are 1707 ‘real’ atlas teams.

As you can see below there’s a lot of teams with hardly any players on.



Oooh interesting. Thanks :relaxed:

I think my numbers were from before the additional of new gold teams. I don’t have any tools to check myself so just relying on my (pretty bad) memory from seeing lists otherwise :joy: