Adding more bugs :-p

Will there ever be snow, rain?
How about night attacks? Possibly correspond with time zones… <—- too much
How about the little men attacking our dragons while raiding and we get to burn them? <—- cosmetic
Or even better, how about some dragon carcasses on our sands?

Instead of always giving away rss, I’d like to use it to build a better base structure…fixing All that cracked stone and broken castle walls and watch it get destroyed. Bugs

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I wonder what else can be added

I actually like the idea… hahahaha
Problem is, just like your title suggest, plus the current things that they already need to fix hahahaha

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One down​:yum::heart_eyes:

Although I do remember suggesting this 2 years ago in-game. I’m sure I wasn’t the only😜

Now if they could only add bones in the sand…:thinking:

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