Adding new events back into atlas

As posted above by pjdave was wondering if any consideration has been given into adding additional events into next atlas season, now that glory has been scaled.


Yeah, actually. PVP events might be more fun now that there are more teams!

Not sure I’d fancy PvP if they were time consuming. Main game ones are enough of a ballache with commitment needed lol


Bring back BLOODLUST :smiling_imp:

I’m with you, Camquin.

Troop training - healing in particular -, Requires gold and dead troops. >>> PvP

Upgrading Prims and riders already give us PvP tasks to deal with. Gold comes from NPC grinding, and also main game attacks.

Forge / Upgrade Gear: Shards earned by Atlas event prizes and minimal from Poachers. (so be active in all events as much as you can)

Now if this wasn’t enough, the main game events can be pretty demanding, think about wood hunting or grinding targets during major events.

Oh, and wars and castle raids…

I was a fan of the kingpin event. Got easy glory for all primarchs. I can sit in NML for days with my taunter and nobody hits it.
We need some kind of attacking event in atlas. Either PvP or PvE. With all the new dragons coming out lately having a connection to a zone in atlas, there’s already a starting point. Maybe have something where the region’s are more involved instead of just the shard type you get from poachers

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so many unrevivable troops though :frowning:

I just attack. I don’t like waiting… :man_shrugging:

Didn’t say it was perfect lol.

It was for a while when you lost no troops and got the glory still… :eyes:

or get inflated glory… times when a random alt of mine got shitloads of glory which didn’t help me at all.
i got my main atlas after all that shit :confused:

It was a great mechanism to prevent the over inflation of troops that people are getting…

Would also like to see the kingpin event return.

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