Adding Teams to Atlas (per pgEcho)

Posting this here since it was posted where only Atlas people can respond, in case any non-Atlas has anything to say.


Can those without atlas really not post in atlas forum?

Sorry if off-topic…

That is correct, generally speaking.

Everyone can read the Atlas forums, only those with Atlas can post there.

It’s a vast improvement over the old forums though. Supposedly the area that was for the beta (which is what has become Atlas) was supposed to be visible to everyone. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was never able to see it.

I’d rather be able to read what’s going on and not be able to post to the topics, than not know what’s going on at all :expressionless:

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Oh wow. Thanks for the quick responses. Don’t wanna take attention away from the post :sweat_smile:

No worries, it’s a good question, since it is the reason that I posted it! Just opening up a channel for those without Atlas to be able to discuss if they want to.


Why PG isn’t pin thats topics to sub forum “Abbouncements”

Do I have to discuss it or can I just whinge that all of Platinum should have got it at the same time as was previously advised?

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That’s prob about 750+ teams. Imagine the servers :cold_sweat: poor things would catch fire.

Nice sapphire 3! CatNapping come in please XD

I knew I shoulda tagged you in the Atlas feedback thread for players that don’t have Atlas :rofl:

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