Adding Teams to Atlas

In the case that testing, development or any other unforeseen challenges arise… the following dates in this post are subject to change.

We plan to launch Atlas to an additional amount of players from around the end of March or beginning of April. This will include every team that would be in Diamond through Sapphire 3 at that point. We will be also be adding some teams from Platinum 1 at that time. As we are limiting the additional number of players that will be coming in based on various constraints, we will likely not be adding the entire Platinum 1 sub league, but rather anywhere from 50-75% of it.

If your team desires to get access to Atlas sooner than later then I recommend battling your way to Sapphire to have a surefire chance!

More details to come as we get closer to the release date.


Is this post visible to non Atlas players? I remember something about needing to be in Atlas to access this category?

And thanks for the update!

Anyone can view but only those with Atlas access can comment I believe


Got it. Thx!

And what time to adding teams in 6 sub league Platinum 2 and 7 sub league Platinum 3?

Do you know how laggy and glitched is atlas right now?? due to some attacks going on !! It has afffected the whole atlas hope this will be resolve before bringing new teams

Adding teams from below Platinum 1? Probably when the next winter season starts.


Yes i know, in low-end gadget or midle-end gadget is laggy when to open atlas menu…

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Lol lol lol it’s very unfair

Not implying this is the solution… but once I switched my atlas account to my pixel 1 to iPhone X I haven’t had any lagging problems.

Unfortunetly this game takes a lot of somethin’ to work smoothly. I would be nice if the game was smooth on old tech.

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How if any player using iphones 4/ipad 2 or Android Lollipop version?

Um idk. Those are some old devices. The RAM alone is much less than the newer phones. But this isn’t the post to address this. I’m sure there is another post that gives tech sugggestions.

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The android version is different code than the iOS version. I wouldn’t be surprised if the iOS app is coded better and it’s not purely the hardware upgrade.

The game was originally designed for iOS. It was initially not offered for Android. As such, the coding is always better for iOS.

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can i join someones team here who has atlas? my last team had it so im used to it already and am active for wars events and atlas.

Yep. You can.

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Could you please kindly confirm whether the plan still includes incorporating 50-70% of plat 1 teams when 4.16 is stable enough for release? The delays for continued development are known at this point but confirmation as to the planned portion of plat 1 teams making the cut would be appreciated if that information can be confirmed or a revised figure could be provided?

Check the announcement here :wink:

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