Additional Details on Rune Removal Feature - Official Discussion Thread

Hey All!

Going to separate out Jared’s post from the comments for people just coming into the conversation who have not read the main post first. Please ask questions and discuss the post:


Do we honestly need another currency diluting the too many currencies we need now?


Is it possible to “buy” chisel?
Got the answer. TBD.


Will we be able to use chisels to move runes on the base as well eventually?

This should really be in the Announcements section


Summon @moderators

I’m on the bandwagon of… Another currency??? Really???


Special limited time offer. 1 mythic rune removal for only $45.99


On one hand, great to know that it’s actually progressing.

On the other, there was no reason to introduce another currency, and I won’t deny that this feels a little like “Fix a design flaw for only $99 a season!”


Introducing another currency before fixing the shortage of literally every other currency in the game. :man_facepalming:t2: Ugh, couldn’t it have just been rubies like the pre-existing tower rune removal?

Thanks for the rune removals I guess, but this is just. Yeah.


Dumb question: Is the entire reason for making a new currency (“chisels” :roll_eyes:) just to obfuscate the true cost of rune removal so that you can make it way expensive without us immediately realizing that its way expensive?

Fine - that part was true with Rubies too and it kinda makes sense. But you haven’t told us how many RUBIES it will cost to get a chisel, nor how many chisels each type of rune will require.


Well…Don’t like where this is going!


So, taking bets:

How many minutes after they release that info do you think it’ll take before someone does the math?

And how many times more expensive do you think it’ll end up being once you convert chisels into rubies?

Sigh. I hate to be the cynic, but…


Also please for the love of all that is holy, if you are going to put chisels in gold chests, give them spots that used to belong to dragon HP and dragon attack and heal pot. FFS do not dilute the drop rates of all the other already shortage items. Thanks


Better to put them in Silver, replacing some spots for rare runes.


Good point. Makes more sense to group in silver anyway.

While they are at it, any remaining rare runes slots they could just replace with a message that says “Sadly the chest was empty except for a tiny bit of dust” and have them go straight to dust and not clutter up our rune vaults.


Well, rare rage and rare wisdom are still useful.


They are, dont want those going away.

Really? I must be doing something wrong then because I havent used either in ages. Have like 30 rare rage in my vault - started dusting them last time I cleaned the closet out.

Rare is too low level to waste a spot on a major dragon. And why bother runing up your lineage dragons?

Wisdom there is usually an junk legendary with a wisdom secondary, and TBH XP really isnt that hard to get anymore. Not like the bad old days when it took 500 runs to level a mythic lineage to breeding.

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Wow seriously!?! We have been begging for this feature and even suspected it would cost a lot to be able to use but a whole new resource :pensive:
Why? Please help me understand what the benefit is of adding a new rs to an already broken economy. I would also like to know how these will be introduced into the economy without further limiting the ability to acquire other consumables.
This could have been a big win for player happiness, another opportunity missed. Maybe I’m wrong and chisels will actually make it cheaper then rubies and not hurt the economy. I wish I could still be that optimistic.