Additional reward levels for Atlas events



I assume several of us maxed out Atlas event after about half an hour after event start.

For normal events there are opening up additional bonus reward levels, which are clearly missing in Atlas events. What are we supposed to do for the remaining 99% of the time for those Atlas events?!?


I don’t know, play the game? Get a life?

I fail to see why every event should have a max tier that’s unreachable for all but the top 10 spenders.


Keep going and waste millions of points to get into the top 25 players globally and reap those rewards? Or just chill for the next few days as the events are short anyway :wink:


Pace yourself grasshopper.
You will one day be kicking yourself when you have zero primarchs to level anymore since you wanted to push the boundaries of every event and prove that you are the best. It will come with a price.


But he wants it right meow!!!


Pg appreciate his money


I brought this up several months ago if you search the forum.

Anyways I maxed the event in about 2 minutes levelling Malus from 1 to 49. Only leveled one prim after that… trying to hold out on last 3 levels of silver sieger for next prim event…


You don’t have to wait. Although if you’re trying to max events rewards, it’s a good idea.

Delayed gratification is quite rewarding. But the game doesn’t reinforce that mindset.


I’ve been slow levelling it just to max the last couple of events. Holding off on Malus though for 2 weeks was super tough though​:rofl::rofl::rofl:I like instant gratification…


Although I agree with what you are saying…
However if I was in the top 10 spenders… if actually like something to spend on…

Even though we might not achieve every single max event in atlas… some may like or need that…

I think its a good idea… it’s in regular events so why not… especially for the troop training event… since that part isnt capped atm like the primarchs and riders potentially…
Good suggestion.


I agree there should be bonus level in atlas. I have suggested this before. We reviving troops or leveling riders you blow thru the prize level fast. When leveling up gear too. The core game has bonus levels so it would make sense that atlas should have them too


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