Adjust ur private chats as u like

Hello :hugs:

Obviously in life I organize my closet by colors and my socks by hight.

Therefore I would love to the option to organize the private chats as I like too :rofl: I would place the ones I utilize most in the bottom for easy finding.
I was told if u suggest something many members like, u get diamonds… If this is not true I also want to suggest that I get some Diamonds today​:nerd_face: :apple:

Haters stay away from me :no_good_woman:t2: I’m adorable.
If this is not a good idea Blame Play. Trending topic : #PlaysFault

XoXo Dragons Lords


I would love it :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:
I am pissed that I have to look for almost two mins to find “ ILY The most “ chat :joy:
So, u will stay in chats now ? Or u will leave in less than 24 hours as usual ?


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I will stay in ILV the most and ILY the most 2/3/4/5 :joy::rofl::joy: the rest… after 24 hrs, I can’t promise

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Im curious about your sock organization methods :heart:


+1 to this!!!

Also, being able to hand off moderator status would be SO helpful.


Maybe have the ability to have it set where if youre mentioned in a chat, that chat gets added to the top till you click into the chat. Cause lets face it, trying to find which chat mentioned you isnt fun if you have to scroll XD

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I would just be happy if they fixed chats so that they load properly. I sometimes have to switch back and forth between atlas and the regular game in order to get chats to refresh.

We’ve been asking for this ability for many years. Is this a complicated task? Also, how about allowing group tags in Alliance chat? Is this complex?


Great idea this will definitely help me not closing the wrong chats when doing a clean up :see_no_evil::laughing:

Getting irritated by the chats because it’s not organized as it should be, would also be solved.

Yes please fix that, my 5ta would be happy to properly use that chat.

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