Adjusted breeding when breeding Seraph!

I was all ready to breed Seraph & getting Tuktu there for free as 2nd dragon with Methalex & Evakhet…
Just wanted to start breeding when realized that it is no longer Tuktu there but Modrian…
When did that change? :roll_eyes:

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One week after release, it was in the notes and everything. Mostly because the original breeding combos were terrible.


It’s still in every breeding path that you’ll get Tuktu too :man_shrugging:

Oh sorry, Tuktu is actually the post-change breed, no idea why you’re seeing Modrian.

I hope PG didn’t accidentally revert the breeding changes with 5.01, maybe some others who have the correct parents can check too?

image image


@Arelyna what’s wrong with my breeding & where did Tuktu fly ?

Definitely something interesting going on. I checked and unless I’m mistaken this wasn’t even the pre-fix breeding result either (this one wasn’t changed). Something is wonky for sure, hope someone else can check this too, to see if it’s just your client or everyone’s getting messed up.

I have same using those parents

There’s a fix coming in:


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