Admin dear friend admin

pls come to d1 mr admin and um this lag is baddddddd diamond is requests the admins lol we need the hampster going in server room!!! @PGGalileo get our beloved admin to fix atlas we want to fight this big battle and ur blocking us!

@PGEggToken pls help we cant move



:joy: Remember this lags are intended to happen to the benefit of some. Only some reports this issues while other remain very quiet about it. Just the fact that they can’t control the hacked mordreds and others dragons on certain teams because of their mediocrity. I wouldn’t even care for let the admin know or expect anything from them. They know what is happening.


i just want to have fun shouldnt have to just snipe :slight_smile: shouldnt have to worry about getting krafeebled going for glory because only a certain amount of playerss and troops show its a lag fest

Well there is no fun anymore. I logged exactly twice today to build troops and logoff again. My elite runs out in 2 days too, 99% i wont renew either.


I have noticed that in the past couple months there has been far more negativity than in past years. Definitely the highest quantity of negative threads in the forums currently. Sure there’s been bigger issues but there is just A LOT of threads about in game issues.

Because the game is broken 99% and has 1% working things like quests for xp potions. Atlas is complete unplayable, no refunds for elite either. Thats how you get rid of costumers.

only D1 ? what about other leagues? are we stepchildren ? :cry:

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I remember Bwab call low rank teams for help defend many times… They even come to help many D1 team for defending without hesitate… Now you call them as

arrogance has destroyed your eyes sir … i wish you good day :sparkling_heart:

U tell me when they pop in other leagues but diamond

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