Adopt a lower league\training team


Maybe it’s a idea to let the platinum teams adopt a gold team and hand them ingame advice.
I allready got a group chat with mixed players from my main team, that’s a lot of work to maintain but its working.

Maybe even a implent too help those players during pvp events against those bully teams in gold 3 were I got a training team.
What is a bully team… a team in gold 3 minimum 10 players above lvl 125 till 225… very funny and a good way to get rid of new players below lvl 50.
I am getting forced to swap this account for my teaching alt into gold 3 and kick the high lvls with my garnets… :japanese_ogre::smiling_imp:
However I don’t think that’s the way we should play this game and ruin it for the new gamers that got not even a change against those bully teams.

Any thoughts or ideas drop it below in a reaction.


How about adopt it manually? I mean just talk to the team’s higher up and form a group chat with them.

I think not every lower team want to be adopted, as they will have less freedom…


As you can read I already got a chat setup, with added members from main team.
Losing lvl 50 gamers and lower lvl because they have to battle those high lvls in gold 3 is a very good development atm.
Losing them because they quit gaming, sounds as a great wd future.

  1. High levels in low leagues doesn’t make them a bully. Remember that.

  2. Mentors have been suggested before. It can be tricky as some people really shouldn’t be giving “advice” and many more who actually know what they are talking about are burnt out from it (hello)

  3. If the team can’t survive on its own, they need to get bigs and grow on their own, or realize they can’t win everything. That’s fine.


This is something our team has done since we made Plat. We created a second team using leadership’s alt accounts to grow and develop additional players. This also gives us the ability to give players on our main team in Sapphire somewhere to go when they are on vacation or unable to play. Advancement in leagues isn’t the main priority of the gold team so if a war attack is missed we don’t sweat it as much. There’s nothing stopping other teams from doing the same thing or even just informally reaching out to a current gold team and see if they are interested. If it doesn’t work out there’s no harm and maybe you have influenced a player or two along the way.


Main team entering platinum 1 next week, our training team started 2018-02-2018 and upper ranks gold 3.
We promoted so far 5 players and those are still playing in our main team.

And we are not doing that bad this current event, as most pvp events, and activity from the youngsters is great, but when entering the Coliseum and, 50% of my team is not able to hit the opponent there players by lvl, it’s no more fun for them.
Yes I give them backup and they still get the points.
Give those teams a seperated league, or give me the option to draw back my team out of gold 3 and drop in gold 4.
We winning wars versus those teams, that is not that hard to beat, and not my fault we win declared wars in gold 3.

But this has nothing to do with the event ranking, or my current training team, or rankings before in events.

It’s a suggestion to let the game grow, I taken care of a team and it works well.

But i also hear the story’s from joining members and what they been tought before :see_no_evil:, don’t worry we going to fix it the next couple of weeks\months.

How to improve that? Maybe mark certain teams with academy players with a ingame symbol? Or drop good training teams above in search rank?

About the name bullies, :roll_eyes: They maybe are no bullies, that is how its feeling for the youngsters, resources ennough at the high lvls, oh yes they also got atlas :joy:, 5 supers with inners and all the progress is gone.
Its demotivating for them, while gold 3 is not even that good in my eyes.


That’s the thing with megas, and this game. Spend more, you win. It’s just as frustrating in Diamond as well.


We will lose wars on purpose for that reason at times just to keep our smaller players interest and confidence. I completely feel your pain with Megas. I’ve been an E2P grinder since I started. Haven’t bought a single pack. I usually get killed points wise in these events even though I do 20x more attacks than most because 1. I don’t have the resources to mega at all and 2. They log in do a mega log out and come back next round and repeat.


Done that also to lose wars, but that is against my instinct when playing war dragons.
Uhm team we are going to war, but you are not allowed to hit the enemy… is that the reason we play war dragons?


Could be seen as a strategical advancement to the rear. Sometimes it’s better to lose short term in order to be successful long term.

For example: my team had to make a choice this week. Win a war and go to D1 for Fight Pits or not war and go to Sapphire for Fight Pits. Staying in D2 wasn’t a possibility due to the tiny point spread. We chose to fall down a league rather than go up so our teammates would have an easier time with personal prizes for the second discount week. It was a strategical choice.


My team is a bully team :flushed::sob::sob::sob:


Was funny to teach new gamers the game and learn them some tricks, funny 2 years at the community, meeting a lot of great personalities.

However the answers above means to me that we can climb in the highest three when learning new players the game.
Better become a egoistic player instead of helping new players that stick around too the community.


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