Adult player in search of elusive team

Hello fellow Dragon Warriors. I am seeking a new and preferably permanent home for my main account.

I have a breeding guide, one legendary garnet dragon, and a mid-100s level account, not because I’m out of timers but because I’ve adopted Red’s dragon check-in (thank you) and I appreciate the perks of being able to solo an almost full roster on Atlas poachers. I can hold my own in S1 but suspect D2 is above my reach for meaningful contribution in PVP events and war.

My idealistic and possibly naive team environment wish list includes leadership with integrity and players who value organization, communication, strategy, and teamwork, because most of the time this is what I bring to the game and it’s a big part of what makes playing enjoyable for me.

What else do I bring? Random humour, an occasional sympathetic ear, and zero smack talking ability.

Does this sound anything like a possible fit for the new teammate you’re looking for? Please message my wee alt in game and we can chat. At the very least we probably share a passion for burning buildings and swatting dragons from the skies.

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I will message but only to be friends?

Hey hun!! Please consider ArkhamLegends. :hugs:We’re in gold 2 about to head to gold 1, would love to have you with us. Heading to Platinum shortly. :hugs:

You can message me if interested on game. We are in s3

Sounds like the ideal team to me. My team is in Plat 4, so it is too low anyway, but it is a great team, even with its faults.

Mysticdwarves in plat 2 needs new members who are active we will most likley accept you at this point in time

Check out NightCircus. We just formed yesterday and are a group of players who have been around each other for over a year. We have regular taco parties and got some crazy. We want to go as far as we can, have fun doing it, and burn stuff on the way.

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Deathdealers. I’ll message u in game

Sound like a perfect fit for my team :grin:

Sending in game mail :+1:

I am the leader of ridgemonthigh and I was wondering if you are still looking for a new team. We will be having a spot opening tomorrow after event.

First of all impressive WD resume :sweat_smile:
If you love Hauheset, willing to learn to be better and top notch base building, then join some similar minded who loves to bring down high lvl bases. A powerful team in making with some excellent dragon flyers, nope we are not D or S as we are P2 but moving up fast.

If interested, then pm to XG7682.

Contact Tony, leader.
Team: Aria
Solid team.
Awesome leader and team mates!
We love Atlas wars!
Can’t guarantee a spot but you sound like our team’s players!

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