Advance info on branch

Hi there.

I would like to ask if there was any advance information that there would be a glyph branch this week?

Just asking because I did not see anything otherwise I could have open some chests during pvp last event instead of opening them now during breeding.

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

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I found a creation of Tami and it states there that limited time branch is supposedly week 9 a pvp week.

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No there wasn’t an info in advance, we also thought that in accordance to the offical season post the LTB appears next week.

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People love surprises!


:frowning: So I’m not categorized as people… :sob:

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What am i gonna do not wanna open chests on breeding.

Thanks btw.

That’s precisely what PG wanted. :pig:


How many sigils do you need? How many chests do you have? Plats should have the same drop rates across all events.

Already opened all 160.Since I had to spend 12k last week becoz of trading post.Opened the rest but still short 5k for limited time branch.

While I appreciate that you are trying to help, we really shouldn’t have to use up our rss and possibly hurt our next season just because we can’t rely on information that was officially released.
If there isn’t a release schedule and we don’t have enough for temp lines then that’s on us, however if pg puts out a release schedule and then change it last minute with no notice then it should be on pg to make up for it somehow.


I’m not involved with content creation or seasonal branches at all. I’m a software engineer who also loves the game and plays it all the time. I was trying to help Paskinel as a friend in case he hadn’t thought of platinum chests already. We’re both extreme grinders who do pretty much everything we can to optimize game progression.

I should stop posting in threads that aren’t related to my job.




No you should not, it is nice to finally see an employee who actually plays the game and shares feedback about it which is similar to ours. It is nice to see someone from the company who sees the same things we do.

Maybe you just need a personal title that says “Im an Engineer, Im not involved in those decisions”

I do agree with Seven though that we keep seeing stuff like this happen in some form and it always seems to come at our cost. Im glad we have a season schedule but if there are going to be changes/deviations from it then those should be announced ahead of time. If they are not then it should be on PG (not you PGMatt) to make it right. In this case they should be extending the duration a week. It would be a simple thing to do and it should be a decision that could have been made and announced quickly. An easy “Sorry everyone, there was a miscommunication on the date. We will be extending the exotic lighting glyph branch by a week so it runs during our previously annoucened time.” A simple and easy solution and yet PG cant be bothered.
Once again this all falls back to poor communication (again, not by you PGMatt)


I apologize for not being more clear and for saying “you all” instead of just saying pg, I went ahead and changed it. I am in no way blaming you for this mistake and definitely don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable sharing your opinion about any aspect of the game. As zero said, us regular forum goers really appreciate having a pg employee that clearly plays the game a ton and seems to have a real love for it.
I was just trying to highlight that it’s not just as easy as opening extra chests because most players, grinders especially, plan out how they use their rss. Plus it really doesn’t seem fair for us to have to make up for a mistake made by pg, that they could easily fix and definitely wouldn’t hurt them down the road like it does players. In fact one could argue it would help them improve customer relations.
Again sorry for my comment coming off the way it did, I really do appreciate you trying to be helpful and sharing your opinions.


Keep posting please!!

Your tip was very thoughtful and helpful - I’m pretty sure that when you post here we see you as posting from a players perspective unless you start talking technical or code :slight_smile:

Maybe PG could keep the line open for 2 weeks so people who havent completed it and planned to do so can do it next week?

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Sorry guys. I’ve had a rough week at work. I shouldn’t post here if I’m stressed out about something.

I actually read the forums with a separate phone where I’m not logged in sometimes when I just want to learn something about the game. Reading the forums as as player and not an employee is easier sometimes.


I will ask about this on Monday. I don’t know why the branch timing didn’t match the announcement, but I can at least ask the content team to extend this branch.


Thanks bro.
Tbh i opened 1500 bronze chests.
Need to open 1300 more.Would help if it would be extended.hahahaha.


In all honesty Matt there are people who only look at forums and then their like welp I’ve seen enough and then jump ship then there are the ones who are like …. Nope not getting into this rabbit hole.

I’m the one in-between tbh and I can sometimes either regret it or hate it.

Would be nice if schedules were a lot more organized though instead of saying hey let’s cram more candy into the candy machine.

It was organized but it was also not followed.hahahaha