Advanced user tutorial?

I can’t find the “advanced user tutorial” but clearly many of you are far smarter than I as shown here ( Slow, snowy workday today so thought I might accomplish something.

Help! I searched BTW. See? I’m more advanced than I let on…

Go to the discobot message in your inbox and reply to it: @ discobot start advanced user

(Obviously there wouldn’t be a space between the @ sign and discobot)


seemed to work once I used underscores.



That was quick… Didn’t cover how to mark something as the “solution” though.


:scream: Secrets were revealed! It’s also in one of discobot’s messages, possibly the first one.

You have to be the original poster of the subject. Then you will have the option of choosing one of the answers posted by someone else as you “solution” :blush:

I tried to make your answer as the solution, hence my dilemma.


Hmm… not sure why it’s not letting you do it :woman_shrugging:t2: It shows up for me when I start a thread.

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Maybe my browser (Chrome) or maybe that I just don’t know where the “mark as solution” shows up? is it something you could screenshot or tell me where it is? Doesn’t seem to be under the ellipsis as I just have like, link, flag and bookmark for your answer.

It shows up just fine for me when I view the forums in game or in safari (went ahead and circled what it looks like for you :blush:)

Thanks, I will try in game. Nothing in IE or Chrome on desktop. Though if I access from game PG might not like my new IGN…


Apparently the act of trying IE took care of that. LMFAO


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Doesn’t show in-game either. Oh well, I tried. Must be non-apple devices. It will die a slow death then. Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome :laughing: Sorry it didn’t show up for you :joy:

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My discobot never replies except it keeps saying '[quote=“discobot, post:2, topic:135912, full:true”]
Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help .Even though I am doing what the bot tells us to do the same reply comes over and over