Advantage elements

Hello everyone, this is the first time I post, I read a lot of your advice and I thank you :blush: I have an idea to submit to PG, and I would like to know your opinion … I do not have seen or read this idea on this forum or on the old forum … So … What I propose is, depending on the season, decrease or increase the power of the dragons according to their “elements” attributed … Example: Winter Season => increase the power of ice dragons by 5% and decrease fire dragons by 5%, other dragons like storm, rock and darkness will not be impacted … Fall season => increase the power of dark dragons by 5% and decrease the rock dragons by 5% … Etc., etc… Sorry for the mistakes … I am French and I have a little trouble with English :flushed::flushed::joy::joy::blush: thank you for your help, advice, proposals and shares

I love when people say this and their English is great. (Your English and punctuation is fine).

I don’t really have an opinion on this, I think that dragon riders pretty much have the same effect and there wouldn’t really be any need for it.

I was thinking of giving an advantage or a disadvantage to diversify the dragons a bit and to give some more values ​​to the totem which are often put away :blush: And for the translation, fortunately there are good translators :joy::joy::joy:

I would think you would have learned English as a second language in school…

Anyways, that does make sense. But it just seems like it would be a QoL request, so towards the bottom of any PG to-dos.

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