Advice buying a tablet

Hi. So title says it all, need advice on what tablet to choose.

My eye is playing up again and have another month until my next injection.
I’ve always played on my phone and its always been a samsung. Currently s10 plus.
But even though its a large phone I’ve always struggled with double tapping as being 6ft 3 i have hands like shovels.

Requirements: will only play WD on it (predominantly hunters but not exclusive to). Once lockdown is over and uni returns face to face will use it instead of a laptop with a bluetooth keyboard or integrated keyboard cover thingy.

feel free to talk to me like I’m a child as i know nothing about technology

● so what brand do you all recommend? (Always had android phone but i don’t mind swapping, but please say why and not just “cos android izz 4 newbzzz” etc).

● What model?

● What size?


iPad size of your choosing. WD is loads better on Apple.


Cheapest iPad you can find. Not an Apple fan at all but basic iPads are reasonably priced and work endlessly better than top tier Android tablets for this game.


Second that. I hate apple products but if its only for WD then an ipad is mandatory.


@Morreion @Bloodsworn @BlameTmQuest92 ty. I did guess at apple as even though I’m an android man the specs of their tablets do not seem to compare with ipad.

What about size wise? I mean would the mini series be best? Or the 12 inch version, or is that too big?

IPads are awesome… especially with their new iOS… if you want to use it as a desktop… it s fully operational now :slight_smile:

Depending on your needs in terms of photo… ipadAir would be the go to i think… pro12.9 tends to be big for the game (yet playable)


I like the basic 10" iPads that are like 350 euros or so. Plenty of room and a decent screen size. I don’t think 12" adds a lot except tripling the price. The air only adds cost for pretty much no advantage.

A mini is nice for portability, but less nice to play on, especially multi-finger taps for hunters are much easier with some space.


I use my note phone as a desktop sometimes lol

But I vote for ipads for wd too even tho I don’t have one:(



What about either of these?

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Will work fine, but why would you pay double the price for something pretty much identical to the basic iPad, for WD purposes (and most other purposes really)?


Well he doesn’t spend on this game so he has a few extra dollars to burn. Plus he wants it for adult entertainment so he wants to maximize performance… I keep telling him that’s not going to improve his performance where it matters but he won’t listen to me. As he said, he knows nothing about technology.

Back to topic though if your going to spend that much pay the extra 120 and get the pro. If you want something for WD only just get the basic iPad and pay half of that.




So they wouldn’t run WD any better compared to the normal ipad?

Its also that i want it to last a long ol time and not find myself next year having to buy a new one as the software or hardware are no longer good enough

I also run game on highest settings as no point playing a game that looks like a pile of shite.

Better to buy a new ipad if you aim longevity but the game might live less :flushed:


I’m running a 2018 basic iPad with no issues at all, and everything set to max, so a 2020 one should last for a bit.


Is it possible to change your WD account from an android device to an iOS device?

I know it’s technically possible using the PocketID but in my experience with other games those things almost never work (can’t wait any less from PG)

Yeah it is.


Nice! Thanks for answering!

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Why buy new? Doesn’t apple have a refurbished site? If it’s just for WD and playing on the internet I would go that route