Advice for a good team

Hi everyone,
I have been joining and finding the best teams for me but everyone ended up kicking me out or staying inactive for very long or even don’t answer to my questions
Could any gold1 team or platinum team who are looking for very active members and that team should be active everyday invite me to their team although I am in a pretty low level like level39


If you’re active and interested in Atlas check out LFM - Plat 3 - Ghosteam - 25+

Not my team but seem like good ppl.

If you aren’t interested in Atlas, try contacting AlphaUnChained, their team is very helpful with new players. They might have a spot. Player Retention and Bringing New Ones In

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Why are you getting kicked?

I could probably squeeze you into WeLive4War if you want. We have some other new players as well and plenty of people to help you learn the game. I keep the Wiki updated with lots of good stuff.

Ghosteam would also be a good choice though. If they can fit you in the rewards would be better than our team so you would progress faster, but PvP will be harder for you.


your post is confusing
are you a very active player or you get kicked because of being inactive ?


Mostly he is saying that he is very active player but lower level trying to find a good home.

He has knocked on few doors but has either being kicked for not being high level or a team that is too inactive according to his tastes / requirements.

My suggestion, drop a post on this forum recruitment section with a pic of your profile, I did it at level 50 and platinum team contacted me, i have been developing steadily after that.
Also above 2 plat teams have offered you a spot, contact there leader/ officer and clear you expectations.


Check out SilverDRC, or ShadowFighters. Both are looking for players!

Yess, NorthernWolves have openings yet, if would like to join our guild :blush: Can apply or contact me directly in game :slightly_smiling_face: Must be active, meaning doing wars, events, and team quests, and willing to help others out too.

Check LethalDescent. They are on Bronze 1.


Go join Newroyalz. The leader can help u play 40 accts at the same time

If you need players online while you are on, it would help to include your timezone.

In my own team VikingsDK, level isn’t important (well, to me) but communication and activity are a must for lower levels. We do have a mini-team VDKRelax that is managed by one of its long-time members. If you show that you can 5/5 quests and are constantly trying to start conversations on TC, they’ll send you up to us :grin:

They accept players mid-event too if you want to do the switch asap.


SilverDRC is a good place. A team I was on for several years. Original Leadership has mostly passed down the torch but still keeps an eye on the team.

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Thankyou all for your help
I have found a team which gives me all I need and the rest of things I require


Yes you are correct

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Awesome bro, hope you enjoy your time in-game.

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