Advice for a new guild?

My other half and I are looking to join a new guild. I’m very disappointed in the original team we joined, the anime based name should have proven to be a family and to always help each other. This team shows none of these qualities and it saddens me. We aren’t a very high levels, I just hit 20 and he… well he’s doing his best :grin:We are very active players and love the game, if anyone could point us in the right direction we would be very grateful! Happy gaming!

Why not check out posts in the Recruitment section and see if any team sounds like it would suit you?

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Transcendence is looking for new members :slight_smile:
Feel free to join us with your other half. We always welcome all players new or old. We also have a discord with great information about the game and progressing further.

We are in Gold 1 , Queensweyr… feel free to join us!

xPsychWardx has openings

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