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Hi guys,

I need some advice from you high lvl guys out there. Im kinda stuck this upcoming breeding event… i have breed all the gold dragons that i want, and really want to start on the next.
BUT… im lvl 79 atm and need to be lvl 84 to upgrade my breeding castle to be able to lvl my gold dragons to breed.
Should i build or not? Sucks to use timers when it isnt fort, but sucks not being able to breed at all during breeding as well! Greatful for every tip i can get!

You can also breed for research

Ideally you’d plan ahead for this, but that advice comes a little late for this round of course. You can check or other similar sites in the future to check what level you’ll need to get your next breeding done so you can build up during fort.

In the mean time, I wouldn’t breed for research at your level yet. At 79 I’d probably bite the bullet and get to 84 to keep breeding up, breeding is the biggest bottleneck to progression at lower levels in my experience.

Whatever you choose, do it and don’t regret it, just enjoy.

Morreion’s first paragraph will help you best.

For now I’d be more inclined to do minimal eggs for decent achievement with research eggs. Then, fix your level planning next fort.


I bred for research at your level. If you can get cheap green or gold eggs it’s worth it, imo. You’ll need a ton of them over time, and there’s never going to be a better breeding event to crank some out. Make a beeline for the construction research items. Getting that earlier saves you timers, whereas leveling outside of Fort costs you sigils.

(On the other hand… level 84 gives you a huge dragon power bump, and you might make the sigils by having that extra power one PVP earlier, if you’re a big PVP person.)

Morreion’s site shows you the cheapest parents to get extra green and gold eggs.


i had similar similar situation when i was 80, had all the dragons, piled exp , enough tokens so i went 84 outside of fort

Always follow a breeding guide, Red’s :slight_smile:


First off if I remember it correctly at that level I didn’t have problems finding eggs for research I kept researching until alot higher level then I run out of eggs to do research so he has time.
Second level 84 is where u get that first big jump in dragon power it was so much fun.
I recommend build now how much timers can it be really at my level just to finish incubator and castle will probably be more then what he needs to spend to get to the great level of 84

Bigger problem: There’s not a breeding castle upgrade at level 84. The next upgrade is at level 90. @Fransy2103 Are you thinking of a den upgrade?

You need to reach level 84 and get the relevant Dragon Den upgrade to get gold legendary dragons to breedable level. Also they need a boatload or two of xp. Level 84 will let you make Platinum eggs, getting to level 90 will let you incubate those eggs and use Platinum dragons as parents.

:woman_shrugging: Whether it’s the den or the incubator or castle blocking you, I remain a fan of the research option. The amount of eggs you can use in the green and gold trees is really high. You need 50 gold eggs in ballista research just to unlock 10% dark flak damage improvements. Compare that to the dark flak rune and glyph they’ve sold recently, one for 5000 sigils, one for $20. And no, you won’t get that many eggs through the normal course of breeding.

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Yes you are correct, of course i mean the dragons den and not the breeding castle!
And from all the aswers ive got i think i will do as you suggest and breed for research atm. I dont think im willing to spend my timers on both the den and castle to be able to get the gold dragons to breeding lvl and still do good during this breeding event.

So ill hold my horses for now!
Thanks everyone for your input😊

True, but you can’t efficiently get gold research eggs at 79. All the cheap combo’s involve platinum dragons or at least gold legendaries. If they’re on a proper path they won’t have any of the good green egg combo’s either.

:roll_eyes: Lumen + Ferrox

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They should have Pandi and Viscus or Ankor?

Possible, but that’s another 8% tax on already expensive gold eggs…
My bad, it’s actually efficient, limitations of my egg token page that makes it look less efficient.

Ah true on Red’s Best, I only got pandi somewhere near platinum as a backbreed.

I believe both eggs are rare gold, so won’t affect much if you breed a little more eggs.

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You’re absolutely right, the “spares” also result in research eggs, so it’s actually nicely optimal.

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My advice for breeding is to get a screen recording app and record EVERYTHING.

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