Advice for Breeding

Hi everyone, I need some advice from experienced players. I have 255k breeding tokens, so I’d like to hit the 254k sigil prize for this week’s breeding event. Doing so will get me through emerald and I’ll get my first legendary obsidian (Noctua!!). However, I don’t know if spending all of my breeding tokens will cripple me for breeding events the rest of the season, so I’m not sure if I should go for it. Any advice is appreciated.

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Breeding Noc allows you to have obsidian divines.
By not breeding it all you do is slow your progress


And it’s the discount week, may want to make use of that as much as possible


For what you said in the end, if you’re able to continuously reach the same amount of tokens over and over between each breeding, then you should be fine. opening chest can make a difference in tokens if you have enough so if you got lots of gold chest open those in 2nd pvp and you’ll be set with timers and tokens on fort and next breed.

Like other said, better go for it in discount week, you need to get those dragons done anyway, sitting on the tokens longer won’t make them worth more.


Thanks for all the thoughtful insight everyone!


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